, Shanghai, January 28th (Wang Ji) During the Spring Festival, the open world adventure game "Yuan Shen" launched version 3.4 "Qing Strings Playing Hua Ye", and the puzzle-solving game "Paper Shadow Play" inspired by shadow puppetry was launched in The "Tivat Continent" was staged; in addition to the fantasy world, the game has released the Chinese New Year short film "Fish Lantern" and the intangible cultural heritage documentary "Journey to Find Lost Things".

The "collision" between intangible cultural heritage culture and games has entered the field of vision of global players.

  Liu Wei, president of MiHoYo, said that intangible cultural heritage skills in reality have been passed down from generation to generation, and originated from folk wisdom and the pursuit of beauty.

The Liyue area in "Original God" has not only the fairy cave hidden among the strange peaks and cliffs, but also the world of fireworks composed of bustling streets and leisurely countryside.

"We will use exquisite techniques to freeze these meaningful journey moments."

  It is reported that "The Journey of Collecting Relics" is a long-term project launched by "Yuan Shen". It will continue to search for intangible cultural heritage inheritors, and use the form of intangible cultural heritage to show the fairy tales and city life in the Liyue area of ​​"Yuan Shen".

At present, "Yuan Shen" has been released in more than 200 countries and regions, and "Journey of Streaming" has also produced subtitle versions in 15 languages, showing the charm of intangible cultural heritage to players around the world.

Inside painting of "The Journey of Collecting Relics of Streaming Light".

Photo courtesy of Mihayou

  In the first issue of "Woodblock New Year Pictures" in "The Journey of Pursuing Relics", Yang Naidong, the provincial inheritor of Yangjiabu woodblock New Year pictures, engraved the picture of "Five Yakshas" in the Liyue area of ​​"Original God" into a colorful, elegant and dynamic painting. Woodblock New Year paintings.

Usually New Year paintings only have 3 to 6 colors, but this "Five Nights" New Year painting uses a total of 22 colors, each color requires a separate engraving color plate, and a total of 22 printings are required to complete a work.

As of January 27, the domestic and overseas broadcast volume of the first episode of "Journey to Find Lost Things" has exceeded 4 million times.

  In addition to the woodblock New Year pictures, the latest issue of "Journey to Collect Relics" released on the 28th also showcased the exquisite intangible art of interior paintings.

The person in charge of the project said, "We hope that through the project "The Journey of Collecting Relics" and the collision between intangible cultural heritage and games, game players and young people will have more opportunities to appreciate the charm of intangible cultural heritage." (End)