Six years ago, the old film agreement went into the grave and the state took control of film policy. 

Since then, the number of cinema visits has continued to decrease, while the entry of streaming services into the Swedish market has redrawn the film map and created further competition against Swedish films and cinemas. 

Now the Social Democrats want to investigate the film policy again. 

- We believe that this digitized, internationalized, technologically developed age of media, moving image and film means that there is a great need to see if the politics that are carried out today are contemporary, says Lawen Redar, the Social Democrats' cultural policy spokesperson, to Kulturnyheterna.  

- Sweden is now a country that does not have any kind of audiovisual fee on streaming services, all other European countries are starting to introduce it.

We need at least an investigation that asks the question: what would it be good for?

she continues.

Want to make film free from political control

The moderates emphasize the film's artistic freedom and economic conditions.  

- Within film politics, we want to make it clear that it is free from political control.

And then we see that this thing with intellectual property rights is important to deal with so that film is not stolen, says Peter Ollén (M), member of the Riksdag's culture committee. 

- Then right now we have the gratifying situation that film is red-hot and we have a shortage of almost all professional categories within film.

And there we also want to look at and work for how politics can work to bring up education in those areas.