After the publication of videos showing the brutal police operation against the black man Tire Nichols, the discussion about racism in the ranks of the police in the USA is in full swing.

In the pictures taken by "body cameras" of the police officers involved and a surveillance camera, the police officers can be seen repeatedly hitting 29-year-old Nichols with their fists and a baton, and kicking him in the head.

Nichols repeatedly calls for his mother.

President Joe Biden is shocked

The African American died of his injuries three days after the operation.

Memphis police on Saturday disbanded the task force blamed for Nichols' violent death.

The police officers were released on Wednesday and charged with murder and other crimes.

President Joe Biden was also shocked by the videos.

After the videos were released, mostly peaceful protests against police violence broke out in Memphis and other cities.

On Saturday, too, people took to the streets across the country.

Hundreds of people protested in New York.

Lawyers for Nichols' family called the police's actions "racist."

The fact that the police officers involved were black themselves does not detract from this, said a board member of the civil rights movement Black Lives Matter.

Anyone working in a system that is anti-black and uses state-sanctioned violence is complicit in maintaining white supremacy.