On January 29, the Shangrao City Public Security Bureau notified the disappearance of Hu Xinyu.

Notification details: Hu Xinyu's body was found

  According to the latest report from the police, at 12:25 on January 28, Xu received a report from the masses saying that a hanged body had been found.

After investigation, it was found that——


At about 12:25 on January 28

  According to reports, Hu Xinyu disappeared on October 14, 2022. As of January 28, 2023, his body was found, and he had been missing for 106 days.


Woods in Jinji Mountain area, Hekou Town

  The query map shows that Jinji Mountain in Hekou Town is located on the south side of Zhiyuan Middle School, and the straight-line distance is less than 100 meters.

  According to the police report on January 7, Zhiyuan Middle School is located in the industrial park in the southwestern suburb of Hekou Town, Qianshan County, covering an area of ​​about 90 mu.

The perimeter of the school wall is about 1 kilometer, and there are 4 entrances and exits, one of which is closed for a long time.

  There are two small parks in the campus, Sui Garden and Zhangyuan. Among them, Sui Garden covers an area of ​​about 4 mu. The south side is the campus wall, and outside the wall is a forest and hills of about 589 mu. The east side of Sui Garden is adjacent to Hu Xinyu’s dormitory building.

According to reports from teachers, students and surrounding residents outside the school, occasionally students climbed over the fence from Suiyuan to enter and exit the campus.

  The video surveillance coverage of the outdoor public areas of the school is about one-third, and most of the walls have no video surveillance coverage.

There are 13 public surveillance cameras around the school, including 8 on Ehu Avenue outside the north wall, 3 in the self-built housing area outside the east wall, 2 in the old machinery factory area outside the west wall, and the south wall where Suiyuan is located. There is no surveillance video in the outer woods and hills area.

  Notification Details: Police Notification!

No trace evidence of Hu Xinyu's murder or suicide in the school was found

  In addition, the "Qianshan Public Security" reported on January 7 that the police, together with emergency management, fire rescue, education and sports, urban management and other departments, joined forces with security volunteers, blue sky rescue, oasis rescue and other social forces to search the forest and hills on the south side of the school. About 589 acres, about 200 kilometers from Yanshan County to Yugan County Xinjiang River, about 22 kilometers along the Fengfu Railway; interviewed 2238 residents near the school, 159 enterprises, 951 drivers of passenger and trucks, and 226 places in the county Taoist temples, 25 elderly care institutions and 1 rescue station; 72 ponds were investigated, and 3 reservoirs were detected by sonar; 6,471.5 hours of surveillance video and more than 317,000 traffic checkpoint snapshots were repeatedly checked and cross-checked; Four times, people were sent to Fujian, Zhejiang and other areas where Hu Xinyu lived or might go to search.

The Qianshan County Party Committee and the County Government have extensively mobilized village cadres, mountain guards and forest guards, and the general public, and carried out three rounds of search work throughout the county.

Other details:

  The deceased was dressed in the same clothes as Hu Xinyu, a student from Zhiyuan Middle School, disappeared on October 14, 2022

  On the 29th, the public security organ determined that the deceased was Hu Xinyu after conducting a DNA test on the biological samples of the deceased.

  A recording pen was found during the site survey

  According to previous media reports, Hu Xinyu was carrying a recording pen when he disappeared.

  The public security organ has invited domestic authoritative criminal technology experts to the scene to participate in the investigation.

Investigation and inspection work is underway

Timeline of Hu Xinyu's disappearance

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