In 2017, Antonio Banderas suffered a heart attack which, of course, could have been fatal.

An event that gave him the effect of an electric shock and which, with hindsight, seems to him to be "one of the best things" that has happened to him.

"It was like putting on glasses and seeing what was important," the 62-year-old actor explained in an interview with

Radio Times


The Independent


A frantic pace

"I returned to Spain and started to look at my professional life from a different point of view", continued Antonio Banderas who, however, is far from having slowed down the pace of his career.

In 2017 alone, the year of his heart attack, the actor was credited in the credits of no less than five films.

Since then, we have seen him in

Pain and Glory

by Pedro Almodóvar, last year in


and he lent his voice to the hero of

Puss in Boots 2

released recently.

Finally, he will star in the highly anticipated

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

, which is set for release on June 28.


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