Updated Sunday, January 29, 2023-13:59

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  • TV Benidorm Fest, the 18 candidates and RTVE surprises: Agoney, Twin Melody, Alfred and drag queen Sharonne

  • Television When are the semifinals and the final, dates and songs of the Benidorm Fest

There is no hymn this year like that

Ay mamá


Rigoberta Bandini

that goes far beyond the strictly musical.

And neither was it a whiplash like


de las


which, however, left the staff somewhat cold with the staging in Benidorm due to the sheer inexperience of the Galician women.

Even a priori some artist with the charisma of Rayden

is missing


And with barely two days to go before the show begins,

it doesn't help to generate excitement that this time the two Spains are not going to face each other

nor that the political elite have not gotten muddy up to their calves to support their favorites like last year -nor has Rufián entered the rag, and it is a shame, despite the fact that we can take

the first song in Catalan since coitus to




with that of

La, la, la


And, having said that,

there are 18 candidates that this coming week will compete in the second edition of the Benidorm Fest

, a RTVE contest from which our representative will come out for the

67th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest

that will take place in May in Liverpool.

The city of the Beatles will host the great event after the United Kingdom, which came in second place last year, agreed to organize it given the impossibility that the winning country, Ukraine, can today host such an event.

And among the 18 participants there is everything, like in an apothecary.

Well, regular and even pulling a malillo


This last scale because our public radio and television would have received a total of 876 aspiring songs.

Something is wrong when the historic third place of the goddess Chanel in Turin and the fantastic repercussion that the participants in the first Benidorm Fest

had have not encouraged established artists to present themselves this year, as could be expected


And of course the fear of haters on social media hardly explains everything.

Of course, those of us who have spent the entire last year atoning for the sin of not believing in the


at the right time - that is a sin, Holy Father, not homosexuality, gosh - we must be more cautious in these hours before the start of the function.


with the necessary prudence that comes from admitting that with opinions it happens as with asses, that everyone has one

, everything we say can be of little use if the staging from Tuesday onwards surprises and the diamond appears in brute still hidden.

Let's match, which is what it is about, and while we review the strengths and weaknesses of the 18 candidates:

Fusa Nocta

My family

The one from Gandía starts as a favourite, with the pressure that this represents.

Her theme,

My Family


is one of those bets with a claw that does not go unnoticed

, which always comes in handy at Eurovision.

The mixture of renewed flamenco, trap and hip hop is gimmicky.

Let's see how her voice arrives live.

In these parts, she weighs a lot that she constantly compares her with Rosalía


But, as he would say, what is not plagiarism is copying.

Nothing happens because the references are well present on stage.

And Rosalía is still not as well known in Armenia, Lithuania, Iceland or Romania, which are the ones who vote in May.

Fusa Nocta, Vicco, Blanca Paloma and Alice Wonder have the added pressure to sound like winners;

Aritz Aren is the applicant without a grandmother



The singer, songwriter and producer from Barcelona is being one of the revelations in the days leading up to the competition.

Her theme, Nonchentera, takes us back to the dance music of the 80s, the only decade that never goes out of style.

In his case, the staging will be especially decisive.

And even if she doesn't win, she can already be crowned Queen of Song of the Summer this year.

White Dove


It is the only repeater at the Benidorm Fest


This time she tries it with Eaea, which combines flamenco and urban sounds.

It is a theme that flows from the bowels, one of those that allow the vocal display of an artist like this, very effective when they have a good package on the Eurovisual stages.

His is one of those types of proposals that the juries like very much

, but not so much the viewers who spend their money on the televote.


I want and mourn

The singer from Albacete is the most singular artist of this edition.

One of those unclassifiable proposals that have an impact, which is always appreciated.

She uses folklore like sourdough bakers, to work it to her liking and shape very interesting songs.

Is Europe ready for something like I love and mourn?

Well, of course it has been for even rarer proposals, such as that of the Serbian Konstrakta in 2022. Whether or not he wins the passport to Liverpool, García-Page cannot reach the next regional ones without creating a Manchego medal for Karmento.

Alice Wonder

I would

The young singer-songwriter from Madrid arrives in Benidorm with the halo of being the one to ring the bell.

Triple pressure, of course.

It is pure emotion.

She conveys authenticity


His thing has not been to create a song thinking about Eurovision, but to present a stupendous composition,

I would like, that she will like or not at the festival.

She would be a worthy representative in the United Kingdom.

She interprets one of those ballads that are much more than a ballad, that have magic and make your hair stand on end.

alfred garcia

since you are

Among the long list of


in the dispute, he is the veteran.

He was already at Eurovision.

He will think that Eurofans don't remember how bad he and Amaia put us through with the reluctance with which they took their participation in Lisbon.

Hence, few take him into account now to repeat the experience.

Since you

've been here, she's more than worthy, and we believe that Pablo López cried when he heard her for the first time

- it's also that he seems to be an easy tearer.

But that's it, folks.


la lola

The thing about the triumphant winner of


in 2018 is the verification that whoever wins in this contest suffers a curse for life.

What a pity.

She has a big voice


But she is like Rosa from Spain.

She stumbles around without finding any style that fits her.

Famous would be very excited to represent us in Eurovision, he already said it when he was locked up in the cathodic academy;

but with

La Lola

it will be that no.

There is an excess of 'triumphs';

We have not yet forgotten how badly Alfred gave us a hard time, with Amaia, in his Eurovision show;

and what about agoney?



Apparently, the

girl group

has been directly invited by RTVE to compete in the Alicante city.

Unique case, along with Agoney's


And it is not understood, the truth.

The song of these girls,


It is

a pure pastiche in which all the current urban rhythms are mixed with an impossible letter

, for not being cruel with the qualifiers.

Next Please!


I want to burn

The parsley of all the sauces.

The former Canarian triumph says that he wants to burn in his song.

He alone is crying out to suffer the torture proportional to the torture that is his bet.

What a pity that a singer with his vocal qualities has chosen such a heavy thing to listen to.

It would seem that the only reason for her to compete in Benidorm is that the singer who has a voice timbre more similar to that of the diva Mónica Naranjo, presenter of the galas, is going to challenge her to some cooing duel on stage.

Aritz Aren


We are before the candidate who does not have a grandmother;

We say it by his own statements about his imposing physique or by the cracks on other rivals in the weeks prior to the competition.

The Valencian, like Chanel, starts, as strengths, with his years as a dancer and choreographer, which causes a lot of expectation around his candidacy.

His song,


, continually mixing verses in Spanish and English like


, also abuses the most


clichés .

And it does not contribute anything as a theme, everything is said.

Although Chanel's was not something to get excited about and oil could be extracted from it.

We will see.

Rakky Ripper


The young woman presents



To follow her, you need a musical dictionary since, they say, she is one of the pioneers in


, whatever that is.

Until now little has been said about her.

And, in our modest opinion,

her performance can be taken advantage of by the viewer who has an emergency in the kitchen


Sofia Martin


She says that she wants to "bring a modern, international and new Spain to Eurovision";

there is nothing

It is taking Pedro Sánchez to add her to his endless list of advisers

From him.

A Spanish-German singer, she is this year's representative of what is called Latin dance.

Everything in


, her song, sounds sooooo artificial.



It is the rock bet of this year.

It is not a musical style for which Spain has opted for Eurovision, but a few countries on the continent do so in each edition.

As much as hackneyed clichés such as that there is a type of music for the festival are repeated, reality is stubborn and denies it event after event


Anyone who likes guitar can enjoy Arcadia, well defended by this band from Madrid.

The rest of us have a choice.

Jose Otero

winters on mars

The man from Gran Canaria has one of the best voices in this edition.

He plays

Winters on Mars


Let's face it, we've heard songs like yours at Eurovision a thousand times.

Nothing is different.

If he won, we are very afraid that we would suffer again what happened to us with Blas Cantó and I'm going to stay


TVE could reuse its giant moon in the scenery and would save a few quarters, yes.


They will not move us

A typical, let's emphasize the typical, boy band of three friends from Madrid who will defend

They will not move us

-will they know who Chanquete is?-.

The bases of the contest said that this year 18 compete. You had to fill in.


what a slave tot

In this case the boy band comes from Barcelona.

They have managed to get a lot of talk about them because they defend

Que esclati tot

, a song in Catalan.

It is the only theme this year in one of the co-official languages ​​of our country, in which only Spanish is not spoken, although some still do not know it.

And that gives them a certain epic.

You know, it

would be bringing to Europe the first composition in Catalan after that frustrated attempt in 1968 by Serrat to defend

La, la, la

in this language

, who finally sang an unbeatable Massiel, giving us the joy of our lives.

But beware, regardless of identity issues, Siderland sound very, very good and her song has a hit.

The bad thing is that they would stage a choreography like Miki Núñez's for La venda, and May has screwed us with the flowers.



In a festival as inclusive as Eurovision, divas and a Drag Race Spain winner like her never go out of tune.

It's a pity that


, her song, has fallen short of expectations.

Minutes of backfire guaranteed.

And nothing else, which is not little.

Twin Melody




twins close this list of 18 chosen ones.

And we have not left them for last by chance.

We're still wondering if this is a joke.

It will be useful for those who are beginning to study Basque, since in


's hodgepodge you hear "bat, bi, hiru, lau" that is, "one, two, three and four".

We said at the beginning that RTVE would have received 876 songs.


According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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