No more negotiations on 64-year-olds, recourse to 47-1… The “intransigence” of Elisabeth Borne and the government on pension reform, two days before a day of national mobilization, is a “provocation “, believes Fabien Roussel.

“Those who have the hardest, most radical, most intransigent positions today are those of the government.

(…) The Prime Minister has chosen social chaos”, denounced the deputy from the North invited by CNEWS, Europe 1 and Les Echos.

Elisabeth Borne "has chosen hard confrontation, and I am asking the Prime Minister to respect the freedom of the French people to say no to this reform", commented Fabien Roussel: "If the government is stubborn, as she done today, it's really a provocation 48 hours from the demonstration".

The PCF candidate for the 2022 presidential election calls on the French in response "to mobilize and show for a day, everyone, whether they are business leaders, craftsmen, employees, workers, local elected officials, an unfailing determination, peaceful.

“What are the tools, what are the means for the people to prevent the implementation of a reform that they do not want?

", he questioned when he was challenged on the blockages of refineries: "They have in front of a limited Prime Minister, a hard government, straight in her Juppé boots, and who says: "We will not give in not" ".


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