The Community of Madrid woke up this Saturday with a

fall in the electronic prescription system

that has made it difficult for pharmacies to normally dispense prescribed medicines.

From the Official College of Pharmacists of Madrid they explain to this newspaper that the problem responds to a technical question that is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health that has prevented the recognition of the health cards of the patients.

They also point out that the problem began first thing in the morning and that,

around 1:30 p.m.

, it began to be solved.

An hour later, around 2:30 p.m.,

the incident was considered closed


As soon as the problem was detected, the Madrid school informed the members of the problem and began to

monitor the situation,

which some sources point to a failure in the maintenance process.

In fact, from the school they indicate that they are monitoring the evolution of the incidence and that they are in permanent contact with the Administration to mitigate the problem.

As this newspaper has learned, the situation

is set to be resolved in the next few hours

and has not generated any notable problem in Madrid pharmacies beyond inconvenience to users.

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