To be kind to talents, we should not make superficial articles or stop at slogans, but should take practical measures to convey the goodwill of the system to the hearts of skilled talents

  According to reports, the Jinan High-tech Zone has recently upgraded the isolation shelters to "skilled talents apartments" to minimize the shortage of turnover accommodation for employees of enterprises in the park.

  Previously, nucleic acid testing rooms and shelter isolation points had been transformed into "fever diagnosis and treatment stations", and some had been transformed into "health stations".

Today, Shandong has transformed the shelter isolation point into a "skilled talent apartment", which is indeed quite creative.

"The square cabin hospital is really amazing, it turns into an apartment to relieve the emergency," some netizens praised.

  It should be said that it is remarkable to make full use of the idle shelters and try to make the best use of them instead of letting them go to waste.

The transformation of the abandoned shelters into apartments for skilled personnel, from "abandoned" to "relocated", is a word difference, which is enough to show that the relevant local departments have used their brains.

  In this regard, some netizens expressed dissatisfaction.

For example, some people claim that only people can live here?

It was originally a simple emergency room, can the sound insulation and the like keep up?

In the end is to give preferential treatment to talents, or practice talents?

It can be seen from the report that the local area will improve the overall logo and enrich the external image in combination with the later operation, plan to cooperate with education and sports, civil affairs and other competent departments, increase fitness equipment, community services and other supporting facilities, and create a "15-minute" convenient service circle for the majority of employees. It can "live in high-tech" and effectively improve the service level for enterprises.

In other words, local respect for talents is "evolved" and put into action.

  Of course, using square cabins to attract talents is only a temporary move.

Respect for them should not just stop at solving their urgent needs, but should be reflected in all-round kindness, such as salary, employment environment, social recognition, etc., so that they have a real sense of gain.

  According to related reports, Jinan High-tech Zone implemented a number of measures to treat talents favorably last year.

From distributing employment and entrepreneurship subsidies, to holding online and offline recruitment activities; from carrying out subsidized vocational skills training, to selecting and recommending multiple people to be selected as Qilu Chief Technician and Quancheng Chief Technician... This series of institutional arrangements is worthy of praise.

To treat talents well, we should not make superficial articles or stop at slogans, but should use practical measures to convey the goodwill of the system to the hearts of skilled talents.

  The practice of renovating the shelters in Jinan High-tech Zone also brought an unavoidable proposition: what is the destination of the shelters?

It is easy to dismantle it, but it is not the best choice.

It costs a lot of money to build it, and it will also cost money to tear it down. How much money will be wiped out every time it is built and demolished?

To a certain extent, the square cabin has undertaken the historical mission, and it is still possible to play a role in other aspects today.

For this reason, relevant departments in various places should put how to use the shelters on the agenda and include them in the scope of discussion, so as to find a feasible solution as soon as possible.

  In this process, it is advisable to ask the people for advice, open up their views, and solicit public opinion to the maximum extent.

Then brainstorm and find the initiatives that best serve the interests of multiple parties.

In a word, the follow-up use of the other cabin should be systematically planned, scientifically decided, and through the establishment of an accurate and effective mechanism, in order to maximize its functional value and benefit the people.

  How to make better use of the shelter is an important public proposition. We look forward to more public discussions in this area, and more valuable suggestions will be presented more widely, so that the shelter can realize "seventy-two changes" and play a good role to the best of its ability. new role.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News special commentator Qin Chuan