, Lanzhou, January 28th (Yan Jiao) Performing shadow puppetry, blowing sugar figures, singing social fire... In the past few days, Gansu Province has a strong New Year flavor, and the cultural "flowing seats" attract tourists to watch intangible cultural heritage programs online and offline, The museum has a wide variety of themed exhibitions, etc.

  "I am very happy to be able to appreciate our traditional Qin Opera culture and the eight traditional model operas in Lanzhou today. I brought my children here to appreciate Qin Opera and feel the traditional taste of the year." said Xu Xiaojun, a citizen of Lanzhou.

  Gansu has a rich culture, with all kinds of intangible cultural heritage dotted around, occupying "half of the country" in cultural activities in the province.

During the Spring Festival, the local intangible cultural heritage took many measures to interact with the public: Subei County, Jiuquan City held the Mongolian Fire Festival, which was very ethnic; Baiyin City performed social fire, shadow puppetry, paper-cutting, and Qin Opera excerpts in turn; Expats love it.

  According to the disclosure of the Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism on the 28th, during the Spring Festival holiday, Gansu received 10.12 million tourists and realized tourism revenue of 5.5 billion yuan, an increase of 35% and 31% respectively over the same period of the previous year.

  In the Gansu Provincial Museum, the grand exhibition "Rabbit" - the joint exhibition of pictures of cultural relics of the Chinese New Year Zodiac in Guimao (Year of the Rabbit) about the pictures of the rabbit's father, the rabbit figurines, and the rabbit's head statues attracted many citizens to explore traditional culture. And the "rabbit" element in historical relics.

  "Rabbits are lively and cute, with a docile personality. Children like them very much. There are a lot of pictures in the two-day exhibition. I will take the children to see them today to broaden their horizons." Said Wang Dongting, a citizen of Lanzhou.

  It is understood that all levels and types of museums in Gansu closely focus on the festival theme of "Chinese New Year in the Year of the Rabbit", and through online and offline methods, carefully plan various and unique social education activities, New Year exhibitions, online live broadcast interaction and other themed activities More than 800 items.