A person named "Luffy", who is suspected of giving instructions in a series of wide-area robberies that have occurred one after another across the country, is believed to have interacted with the executor using a third party's SNS account. I learned this from interviews with investigators.

Police authorities suspected that the account was used to prevent identification, and suspected that a Japanese detained in the immigration facility in the Philippines called himself "Luffy", and four or five Japanese people. We are requesting the local authorities to hand over the

In a series of wide-area robberies, the police authorities gathered members through SNS "dark part-time jobs" and there was a group that repeatedly committed crimes while replacing the perpetrators. Luffy" and is suspected of giving instructions to the executioners in multiple incidents.

In the process of investigating a series of incidents, when the police authorities took the procedure to disclose the user of the SNS account used by the instructor who called himself Luffy, it was investigated that the person who was believed to be the instructor could not be traced from the account. I learned this from interviews with people involved.

Police authorities are investigating in detail that a person who calls himself Luffy used a third party's SNS account to prevent his identity from being determined.

In addition, four or five Japanese suspects, including Yuuki Watanabe and Masato Imamura, for whom the Metropolitan Police Department has an arrest warrant for being involved in a special fraud case on suspicion of having identified himself as Luffy, have been brought to the Philippine authorities. We are requesting the extradition of the custody and proceeding with the clarification of the actual situation of the series of incidents.

Is it a central role? What is Yuuki Watanabe?

According to investigative sources, Yuki Watanabe is believed to be a core member of a special fraud group based in the Philippines.

In 2019, the base of a group that had made bank transfer fraud calls to Japan in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, was exposed, and 36 Japanese people who were there were detained.

After that, several Japanese who were believed to be members of the group were detained, but most of them had already been transferred to Japan, and some members, including Watanabe, remained in the area.

According to investigative sources, Watanabe is believed to have played a central role in this group, and the Metropolitan Police Department has issued an arrest warrant on suspicion of being involved in a special fraud.

Man involved in another robbery 'was shallow'

Last year, a man in his 40s who was arrested for being involved in a robbery that was separate from the series of incidents that occurred in Tokyo responded to NHK's interview, saying, "I went to the crime scene with a light heart, but I was shallow. I think," he recalled.

Last year, there was an incident in which several men broke into a house in Tokyo, where residents were tied up and robbed of cash and watches, and the man was arrested along with other members for being involved in the incident.

The Metropolitan Police Department suspects that the members were gathered by SNS "dark part-time job" about this incident.

According to the man, he was told only the time and place of the meeting and was not told about the specifics of the job, but later realized that his role was to receive the money and goods stolen during the robbery. am.

The man said, "I was asked, 'If you go to the designated place, someone will come, so please pick up your luggage.' I didn't think he was a robbery. That was the first time I met another suspect." I was talking to

The man never received the package and was later arrested as an accomplice in the robbery.

He said that was the first time he knew he was involved in a robbery.

The man said, ``I thought it would be a gray job, but he was surprised that it was a robbery.He went to the crime scene with a light feeling, but I think it was shallow.'' I was talking.

On top of that, regarding the series of robberies by members who are believed to have gathered through SNS's "dark part-time job", he said, "I think there are many people who think that they will not be caught, but that is absolutely not the case. However, even if 10 million yen is stolen in a robbery, in addition to multiple criminals, the role of bringing information and the role of recruiting will be divided among many people, so 1 million yen will be paid to the end person. It's hard to think. It's not that sweet."

In an incident that occurred in Komae City, Tokyo this month, a resident was killed, and a man said, ``I met people who did not know each other through SNS and said, ``I can do more amazing things.'' Also, I thought that if I didn't get the cash from the house I broke into, I would be treated badly by the people above me, so I forced myself to tell him where the cash was. I wondered if he was trying to let me down."

36 Japanese arrested in Manila in November 2019

In Manila, the capital of the Philippines, in November 2019, the base of a group that was believed to have made bank transfer fraud calls to Japan was exposed, and 36 Japanese people were detained.

At that time, the Philippine Immigration Bureau, which received information from the Japanese police, seized the base of the building in the center of Manila.

In the video taken when the immigration authorities stepped into the base, black desks were lined up in a room like an office, and a number of smartphones were placed.

Also, on the screen of the smartphone, a chat-like screen with the title "Secret business contact" was displayed, and a message like a report such as "Police came" was also confirmed.

According to the Immigration Bureau, the group was suspected of making fraudulent calls to Japan while moving between bases around Manila, and was suspected of being involved in about 1,400 fraud cases.

The detained male members were temporarily held at the Bictane detention facility in Manila, and then repatriated to Japan one by one.

What is the Bictane detention facility?

The Bictane detention facility where the Japanese suspected of giving orders under the name of "Luffy" in a series of wide-area robberies that have sprung up across the country is being held is about 10 kilometers from the center of the capital Manila. is in

It is a facility under the jurisdiction of the Philippine Immigration Bureau, where people who have illegally stayed are detained, and according to the Immigration Bureau, there are nearly 20 Japanese people.

According to people who have been detained in the past, they were able to use mobile phones and laptops by paying staff inside the facility, and in addition to alcohol and cigarettes, they could also buy prepaid cards for mobile phones. It means it was done.

In addition, there are reports that some people have been detained in this facility for several years to more than 10 years due to local criminal procedures, etc., and it seems that it is a loophole to avoid deportation It has also been pointed out that