• Covid Darias announces the end of masks on public transport


end of the mandatory mask

comes to

public transport


This has been announced by the Ministry of Health, although the

masks will continue to be maintained in some cases


These are all the details.

When does the rule for the end of the mandatory mask come into effect?

If the forecasts of the announcement of the head of Health,

Carolina Darias

, are fulfilled, after the processing in the Council of Ministers next Tuesday, February 7,

the measure would enter into force the next day

, because the Government agreements are usually approved the next day in the Official State Gazette (


), so

the official withdrawal of the masks could be on February 8


Where the use of masks will not be mandatory


obligation to wear a mask on public transport will

be lifted .

This modifies the following point of Royal Decree 286/2022: "In the means of

air transport

, by rail or cable and in


, as well as in

public passenger transport

. In the

closed spaces of ships and boats

in which it is not possible to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters, except in the cabins, when they are shared by groups of cohabitants.

Where will it continue to be mandatory?

At the moment, except for surprises, Darias has communicated that, although it is under study,

the mask will be kept in pharmacies and residences

, as well as



social health

centers (






clinics ...).

Therefore, the following assumptions of the last RD that until now regulates the use of masks would be maintained: "In health centers, services and establishments as established in Royal Decree 1277/2003, of October 10, which establish the general bases for the authorization of health centers, services and establishments".

That is, in the following situations:

Workers and visitors to care centers and people admitted when they are in shared spaces outside their room.

Workers and visitors in shared areas in social and health centers

When did masks start to be used?

More than 900 (963) days have passed since

the order regulating its mandatory use was published in the BOE on May 20, 2020


Since then, progressively in 2022, they have been withdrawn in some spaces.

First abroad: Royal Decree 115/2022, of February 8, gave the green light to leave the masks aside outdoors.

Later, in closed spaces: Royal Decree 286/2022, of April 19, eliminated the use of masks indoors, with the exceptions of public transport and sanitary and socio-sanitary spaces.

This is the one that will remain in force until next February 8.

Despite not being mandatory, when and why is the use of a mask recommended?

In the norm, which will see the light in the

BOE on February 8

, perhaps

basic recommendations

will be added , in which a

"responsible use of the mask"

will be appealed to , as has been done on past occasions.

Above all, emphasis is placed on

situations in which people are going through a respiratory infectious process

and the mask is an element to avoid contagion to the closest individuals and serve as a shield against transmission.

Vulnerable population

in any situation in which they have prolonged contact with people at a distance of less than 1.5 meters.

Teachers with vulnerability factors


In the workplace and in the family environment, gatherings of friends and private celebrations

when there is a person with a respiratory infection


In seasonal periods in which it is known that there is a large

circulation of respiratory viruses

that can be concentrated in closed spaces for public use in which people move, such as


(shopping centers, supermarkets or small businesses);


closed spaces

where people spend time without eating or drinking (cinemas, theatres, concert halls, museums, etc.) and in closed spaces where people spend time eating and drinking (bars, restaurants, nightclubs, nightlife...).

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