A widow raises the mystery of finding her husband alive despite his death 9 years ago


A British widow says she saw her husband, who died 9 years ago, in a promotional video for an Indian restaurant.

The restaurant's Facebook page in West Sussex, England, received a flood of comments after Lucy Watson raised the mystery that she had seen her late husband Harry Doherty and his son in the video, even though he died nine years ago.

According to the "Daily Mail" newspaper, Watson explained that her husband, who died in 2014, and his son appear in an advertisement for a restaurant, but the restaurant responded to the widow, writing: "Hi Lucy, sorry to hear this. This footage was recorded last week, not 9 years ago." ".

The video was posted to Facebook on January 16 and has garnered hundreds of comments from people who wanted updates on the mystery of the dead husband's appearance.

On Tuesday, Bader Al-Islam, the restaurant's manager, posted an update on the restaurant's Facebook account to "clear up some misunderstandings," writing: "I am the restaurant's social media handler and recorded a promotional video to film our new wooden tables and interior renovations. The renovation was completed in early January 2023 and the promotional video highlights these changes. All video footage used in the video was recorded on January 9th, 2023."

Islam continued, "Before January 2023, all our tables were covered with white and red cloths, and now this footage is recent and shows the change of table cloths. We hope this removes any confusion."

A number of people commenting on the video have responded to Watson, hypothesizing that she may be true and that her husband claimed death for a life insurance indemnity fraud that he started in 2002.

While another commented on Watson's question about the existence of the body of her late husband or not.

But Watson dismisses all "ridiculous conspiracy theories" and said her husband, an award-winning journalist and popular local personality, is "instantly recognizable".

"I had no doubts that it was my husband. I had to replay the video about 30 times, and each time I was more certain it was my husband. I also recognized him by his shirt," she added.

She explained that her husband was seriously ill and had received hospital treatment during the few months before his death, as they were going to perform a liver transplant for him, but he did not do so.

Harry Doherty was born in Northern Ireland and won several awards for his coverage of the conflict in Northern Ireland, before moving to England to be a music journalist and work for Melody Maker magazine, according to the Daily Mail.

He founded his own rock magazine and wrote a book about Queen.

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