• As Emmanuel Macron lamented in January during his wishes to health actors, “30% of student nurses stop during training and we have around 10-15% who fail at the end of these training courses”.

  • Justin, 25, tells us why he decided to drop out of school, at least temporarily.

  • Like many nursing students, one of her internships went badly and called into question her vocation.

This profession of nurse, he dreamed of it.

But that was before.

Justin, 25, has just finished his studies at a nursing training institute (Ifsi).

And he does not know if this break will be temporary or permanent.

"I don't know if I'm going to go back to school, I ask myself a lot of questions," he says.

And he is not the only one in this case.

As Emmanuel Macron lamented in January, during his wishes to health actors, “30% of student nurses stop during training and we have around 10-15% who fail at the end of these trainings”.

“Initially, this job appealed to me.

I didn't want to be a doctor, but the closeness of the nurse to his patients fascinated me.

I told myself that I would never be bored, that this profession would be intellectually stimulating,” he says.

So when he is caught in his Ifsi, the young man does not sulk his pleasure.

He works like crazy, especially pharmacology.

He sacrifices his free time, but it's for a good cause.

“I provided an average of 15 hours of personal work per week.

“He won his first year without difficulty.

But it is during the second year internship that things go wrong.

“We were only given patient toilets to do”

He is assigned to the visceral surgery department of a hospital with two other students.

“We were only given patient toilets to do and medicine storage.

It's part of the job and we did it without any problem, but we were confined to these tasks, without being able to learn more technical gestures or to do care.

“In the service, the atmosphere is deleterious: “We were belittled all the time, it looked like harassment.

One of my classmates was hiding in the toilet to cry.

Me too, one day, I cracked, ”he says.

Justin decides to speak to his managers at the hospital, but his daily life does not change.

He also confides in the Ifsi educational team: “I was told that there were no internship places elsewhere.

At the end of his tether, he decided to postpone his internship the following year and consulted a psychiatrist.

“He advised me to take a break to preserve my sanity.

So I'll see if I want to go back to school next year.


“Out of 120 students, fifteen have already given up”

For the time being, it is rather negative feelings that cross him: “The hospital environment no longer appeals to me.

The internships there are machines for crushing students, ”he believes.

He is not the only one of his promotion to have thrown in the towel.

“Out of 120 students, about fifteen have already given up.

For him, the government must quickly change the situation.

According to Justin, the content of the training should also be revisited: “We follow 35 hours of teaching per week, which is heavy.

And some courses - team games in particular, have no interest.

While we would like to deepen pharmacology, for example.

“While waiting to make a decision for his future, Justin tries to drive away the bad memories to keep only the good ones.

“I feel that I am already better,” he announces.


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