"Exposure 2023" .. exclusive tours with the world's best photographers

  • James Balogh.

    From the source

  • Neil Leifer.

    From the source

  • Esther Horvath.

    From the source


Among the dozens of international artists hosted by the seventh session of the International Photography Festival "Exposure 2023", the festival presents seven professional experiences in different fields of photography in the world, to get to know them and delve into the scenes of historical and influential images.

The festival, which will be held from February 9 to 15, will feature exclusive tours with photography icons James Balogh, Dan Winters, Neil Leifer, Esther Horvath, Greg Gorman, Elisa Iannacon and Andy Saunders, revealing their many distinguished works. One of the major changes that occurred in human societies and the environmental system, in addition to their documentation of many historical moments in the twentieth century, whether in international politics, or during the exploration of outer space, in addition to a number of the most well-known personalities of famous art, sports and society in the world.

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