"Modans" tells how an unknown singer became the biggest influencer in fashion history

"Coco Chanel" at the "Dubai Opera" with the flavor of the Russian "Bolshoi".

  • To the music of George Frideric Handel and Ilya Demotsky, international ballet dancer Svetlana Zakharova starred in "Modans" at the Dubai Opera.

    Photography: Mostafa Qasimi


To the music of George Frideric Handel and Ilya Demotsky, international ballet dancer Svetlana Zakharova, principal dancer of the Bolshoi Ballet, starred in the breathtaking "Modans" show that takes the audience to the aesthetics of performance dance and classical music.

The show, which will be shown publicly today on the Dubai Opera stage, is divided into two parts: the first part carried a performance entitled “Like a Breath” by Italian choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti, while the second section was titled “Gabriel Chanel”, which is a tribute to the fashion legend “Coco Chanel”. Designed by Yuri Posokhov.

The show recounts Chanel's journey, which overturned fashion standards in the 20th century, and how she transformed from an obscure singer to the founder of one of the most famous and luxurious fashion houses, and highlights her creativity, especially as she was inspired by her designs from the world of dance that expresses freedom and beauty.

A group of dancers from the Bolshoi Theater, including Mikhail Lopukhin, Vyacheslav Lopatin, Denis Savin, Artemy Belyakov, Anastasia Stashkevich, and Anna Turazashvili, participate in this classic show, especially in its first part.

In this section, a group of different compositions by musician George Frideric Handel, which bears a romantic and calm character, was combined in this section. As for the second section of the show, which carried the music of Ilya Demotsky, the music is integrated with elegant and bold clothes created exclusively for the show, as well as stage backgrounds and lighting that puts the audience in front of the life of the designer. The most famous with all its glamor and charm.

Contemporary form

Svetlana Zakharova told «Emirates Today» about this show: «I worked in this show to present the classic ballet in the first section, which is characterized by the fact that it bears a contemporary form, while in the second section I embody the life of Coco Chanel, and for this reason the show may seem somewhat classic to show the life of The most famous designer.

And about presenting the character of Coco Chanel, she said: “During my journey in the world of ballet, I presented many well-known personalities in the world of stories and fiction, but it is the first time that I present a real personal biography, and it can be said that this show required a lot of preparation from me on the one hand, but on the one hand Another was important because it allows me to present a great personal biography, especially since she wrote her personal biography herself, and there is a lot of information and videos that document details of her life, and she relied on all this information in order to present the work in the best way that matches her life.

Zakharova indicated that she visited Chanel's house, and obtained a lot of information about her and her life, and this, of course, helped a lot in presenting the role.

The show is Zakharova's first stop in the Middle East and in Dubai.

Zakharova confirmed that she started preparing for this show three months ago, considering that her main task is not to show her work to the audience as a work, but rather to present it in a calm and smooth manner, and for this she is keen to develop herself and the techniques she uses, while paying attention to the emotions that dominate the show. for the audience to enjoy the show as much as possible.

Chanel's tragedy

As for the producer, Euroi Paralovin, he spoke to «Emirates Today» about the show, saying: «After the success of the first show that we presented with Svetlana, which was presented in a number of international capitals, we decided to present a new show that carries the same success, and from here came the idea of ​​presenting a show on the life of Coco Chanel. And that was in cooperation with the House of Chanel and coordination with them, after which cooperation with the choreographer took place, and approximately 85 costumes were designed for this show.

He pointed out that the show presents her biography honestly, especially in terms of the successes she presented and her biography full of achievements and her death alone. The show presents this tragic aspect of her life, considering that cooperation with Chanel House was an important experience for him.

The latest equipment

Regarding the show at Dubai Opera, Paralovin indicated that this show was supposed to be presented in 2019 in the capital, Abu Dhabi, but at that time Svetlana was ill, and she could not come to present the show, and we presented a different show at that time, and today we are presenting this show on stage. Dubai Opera, which is distinguished by being well-equipped, and carries the latest equipment to present dance and theatrical performances.

He pointed out that Dubai is considered a hub for art in the region, as it is now receiving stars from around the world, as it hosts the most prominent names and opens the most prominent art museums, considering that what he presents through the show is feelings and passion for this world.

• 85 different costumes required for the show.

• 20 dancers presented the show.

Svetlana Zakharova:

• «I visited Coco Chanel's house and got a lot of information to help present the role».

Euroi Paralovin:

• "Dubai is considered a hub for art in the region, and it is now receiving world stars and the most prominent international names."

Biography of the ballet star

Dancer Svetlana Zakharova was born in Ukraine in 1979, and is considered one of the most famous ballet dancers in the world.

She began her life with the world of ballet when she was six years old, and won her first award when she was 10 years old.

She began her solo ballet performances on international stages in Paris in 1999, then began her journey with the Bolshoi troupe in 2003. She won international awards in the field of ballet, the most recent of which was presenting the work “Ghada Al-Kamelia”.

She did not stop dancing her whole life, except for one year, when she gave birth to her only child in 2011.

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