On January 24, Nanping City, Fujian Province ushered in fine weather after days of cloudy and rainy weather.

The Kaoting Tourist Resort in Jianyang District, Nanping City also ushered in the peak of tourists during the Spring Festival.

Kaoting Tourist Resort takes Kaoting Zhuzi culture as the core theme resource, combined with Kaoting landscape, folk customs, intangible cultural heritage crafts and other characteristic theme resources, to create research travel, parent-child leisure, night sightseeing, sports and fitness, health and recuperation, Diversified holiday tourism products such as leisure shopping, festival activities, farming experience, etc.

  Among them, the thousand-year-old camphor "tree hugging Buddha" has attracted many tourists.

The ancient camphor tree is about 36 meters high, with a chest circumference of 10.5 meters. The canopy covers more than 900 square meters. The tree is more than 1,000 years old. More than 60 centimeters of clay Buddha statues.

According to legend, after Zhu Xi passed away, people built a statue of a god in the crack of the trunk of the ancient camphor tree to commemorate it.

As time goes by, the cracks in the ancient camphor tree are slowly healing, forming the current spectacle, and it has become a check-in place for many citizens and tourists.

(Reporter Wu Shengwei)

Responsible editor: [Peng Dawei]