Group Twice member Momo showed her unsparing love for dance.

On the 20th, fashion magazine Cosmopolitan released her mother's pictorial and interview.

In her pictorial, Momo not only showed her elegant goddess figure in a long dress reminiscent of her mermaid princess, but she also wore an intense hot pink see-through top costume, creating her enchanting atmosphere and displaying her unique colorful charm. Showed off.

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In an interview that followed, Momo said about the 12th mini album to be released in March, "This is a powerful image that TWICE has not shown before. We are preparing hard to show it properly."

Momo added, "The choreography is full of energy with charismatic songs." She added, "It's not completely my field of choreography, but I feel like I'm good at it, and it will be a fun stage with Twice style."

Momo, who wants to show her own powerful choreography someday, said, "I've been dancing since the very first moment I can remember. My sister started dancing first, so she cried and begged me to dance too." explained.

Momo recalled her childhood, saying, "Dancing was the most fun. I wasn't interested in studying, and all I could do was dance. It was a daily routine to go to a dance academy after school."

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He said, "I'm a perfectionist when it comes to dancing," and said, "I have a very strong thought that I have to do it until I'm good at dancing. I practiced every day, and I've never made a single mistake in the evaluation at the end of the month." .

Momo also said, "I don't have much confidence when I do anything other than dance. But when I dance, I gain confidence and become free. I like (dancing) because I can feel myself like that."

In the interview that followed, when we praised his prominent muscles in the pictorial, Momo introduced his parents who played American football and aerobics, saying, “I think the reason why I have muscles is because of my genes.

Finally, when asked what made her active for 8 years, Momo said, "I continued to do what I wanted to do."

Then he said, "There was a bad thing, but when I hear the little things from the fans that I feel better thanks to me, I feel empowered to think, 'Wow, I can do this.' I was able to come this far because there are people who like me and wait for me. "He expressed his gratitude to the fans.

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