A 90-year-old woman was murdered at a house in Komae, Tokyo, and one of the three luxury watches found in the passenger seat of a rental car seized by the Metropolitan Police Department may have been stolen from the house at the scene. It was found in interviews with investigative officials that the

The Metropolitan Police Department is also investigating how the other two items were obtained.

On the 19th of this month, in a robbery-murder case in which Iyo Oshio (90) was killed with his hands tied at a house in Komae City, the Metropolitan Police Department went back and forth between the scene and the surroundings on the day of the incident and the day before. The rental car was confiscated on suspicion of being involved in the crime and an investigation is underway.

Rikuto Nagata (21), who was arrested after being involved in a robbery and injury that occurred in Nakano Ward in Tokyo last year, was on board one of the two cars, according to the investigation so far. So, it is known that three luxury wristwatches were found in the passenger seat, but it is highly likely that one of these was stolen from the house at the scene. .

This watch is for women from an overseas brand.

There are signs that the entire interior of the house, from the first basement floor to the second floor, has been searched. We are investigating.