Tiantai Mountain

Located at 30 degrees north latitude, the most mysterious scenery corridor on earth

It's a wonderland worth exploring

A piece of paradise that belongs to the world

it always takes a different look

catches our eye


Tiantai Mountain is a "poetic and picturesque" poetic mountain

Li Bai, who traveled far away with his sword, went to Tiantai Mountain three times

And wrote "The rooftop is 48,000 feet long, and it is about to fall to the southeast"

Frontier poet Wang Changling, the style of writing poetry is also hard

But this is the person who loves desert wind and sand

I will also imagine the scenery of Tiantai Mountain when seeing off my friends

Chanting "Traces in the Rong Mansion, Traveling to Tiantai Spring in the Heart"

Bai Juyi's poems

Also full of yearning for romantic life in Tiantai Mountain

Sighing "I would like to give flowers to the girl on the roof, and keep Liu Lang to return at night"

Yuan Zhen has a different feeling for Tiantai Mountain

Write a letter to the Taoist priests of Tiantai Mountain

"Xianjia first came from Penghai, and when he met, he said to Tiantai"

A Tiantai Mountain, Half of Tang Poems

Among the poets recorded in "Quan Tang Shi"

More than 400 people have been to the rooftop and left brilliant poems

It can be said that every Tang poet has a Tiantai Mountain in his heart

Tiantai Mountain is a spiritual mountain full of mystery

At that time, the eminent monk "Master of the Wise" Zhiyi came to Tiantai Mountain admiringly.

Ten years of Toutuo enlightenment, integrating hundreds of scriptures

Created the first Tiantai sect of Sinicized Buddhism

It is said that Japan and South Korea have become the ancestral home of Tiantai sects in China, Japan and Korea

Guoqing Temple, the Ancestral Court of Tiantai Sect

over 1400 years

Thousands of stories are sung in the morning bells and evening drums

With Lingyan Temple in Jinan and Qixia Temple in Nanjing

Dangyang Yuquan Temple is also known as the Four Wonders of Chinese Temples

Tiantai Mountain is a sacred mountain

Tiantai Mountain is well-known at home and abroad for "the origin of Buddhism and the beauty of mountains and rivers".

Shenxiu Tiantai is not only a Buddhist practice place

It is also a good place for Taoist immortals to cultivate

It is honored as the first mountain of the three religions in China

Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism coexist and co-prosper

Han Shanzi, a famous poet monk of the Tang Dynasty, lived in seclusion on Tiantai for more than 70 years

Formed a profound friendship with Shide, an eminent monk of Guoqing Temple

Their poems, dialogues and deeds are widely celebrated

"The shoes are broken, the hat is broken, and the cassock on the body is broken"

A song "Jigong" spread all over the country

while 800 years ago

This Jigong, who was honored as the "living Buddha" by later generations,

Born in Yongning Village on Tiantai

Tiantai Mountain is a beautiful mountain of flowers

every year in may

Climb to the top of the thousand-meter high mountain Huading Peak

Thousands of acres of rhododendron forests are in full bloom, shining like clouds

Thousand-year-old Rhododendrons grown in a thousand-meter-high mountain become a "thousand flowers and one tree", which is rare in the country

Watch Rhododendrons in spring to escape the heat in summer, watch the sunrise in autumn and enjoy the snow in winter


Tiantai Mountain is the most attractive mountain

Beautiful and magical Tiantai landscape

It has aroused the yearning of countless literati

During the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Wang Xizhi, the "Sage of Calligraphy", went to Huading Mountain

Follow Baiyun Daochang to learn the book "Yongzi Bafa"

Make Tiantai Mountain the Source of Calligraphy

Xie Lingyun, the originator of landscape poetry, led a large team of more than 100 people

The "Taiwan Travel Line" opened

Become a classic line for later tourists

More than 400 poets in the Tang Dynasty

Use poetry to embark on a famous "Road of Tang Poetry"

Tiantai Mountain is the destination of "Tang Poetry Road"

"You Sheng" Xu Xiake visited Tiantai Mountain three times in a row

Two writings of "Tiantai Mountain Tour Diary"

One of them was placed at the beginning of "Xu Xiake's Travel Notes"

Photo by Yuan Qi.

Photo courtesy of Tiantai County Media Center

time flies

Pull us to today's booming leisure tourism

Today's rooftop

It is one of the top 100 counties in the comprehensive competitiveness of national county tourism

Top 100 Counties with National County Tourism Development Potential

National Top 100 Sample Counties for E-commerce Competitiveness

Top 100 Counties in the Yangtze River Delta and Demonstration County of Beautiful Rural Areas in the New Era of the Province

This national-level ecological county with a forest coverage rate of more than 70%

Full of exotic flowers and trees, all over forest springs and waterfalls

Cleanse your lungs and your mind

Come to Tiantai Mountain to enjoy leisure time

Tiantai Mountain Snow Park

Take you to realize the freedom of skiing all year round

Villages such as Tahou, Hou'an, Zhangsi, Anke, etc.

Take you to feel the "spark" of the collision between tradition and modern life

Come to Tiantai Mountain to spend light luxury time

Tiantai County Museum

In Guochi Scenic Area, a national 5A-level scenic spot

Is a collection of education, research, appreciation, etc.

A comprehensive state-owned museum with multiple functions

When you come to Tiantai Mountain, you can also taste delicious food

The predecessor of "Hehe Banquet" in Tiantai Mountain was "Sixteen Meetings"

Started in the Song Dynasty, AD 1130

The two uncles of Emperor Zhao Gou of the Southern Song Dynasty lived on the rooftop

At that time they put the royal meal of the palace

Combined with the local food on the rooftop, a set of recipes is formed

There are dumpling cake tubes and paste pull

Flat food, wheat cakes and other rooftop special snacks

There are also harmony banquets and health banquets

Tang Poetry Banquet, Nine Big Bowls and other traditional banquets

this spring festival

Come to Tiantai to reunite with history

Read it with the ancestors who have been here

Come to the rooftop to walk the thousand-year-old road and ride a happy bicycle

Feel a sense of comfort and relaxation in the intoxicating scenery

Come to Tiantai to taste dumpling cake tubes and a special vegetarian dish

Go to a refreshing "Appointment with the Bite of the Tongue"

  Source: Photo courtesy of Tiantai County Media Center

  Editors: Zhou Wei, Jia Yuqin

  Editor in charge: Peng Dawei

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