At a nursery school in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Mayor Yu Murata announced that he had withdrawn the complaint against the former director of a nursery school, due to the problem that three former nursery teachers held the children's feet and suspended them in the air.

The mayor said that the reason was that "the emphasis was on restoring a normal childcare environment."

At Susono City's licensed nursery school "Sakura Nursery School", three former nursery school teachers pushed the faces of children in the one-year-old class last June, suspended them by holding their legs, and hit them on the head. All of them were arrested on suspicion of assault, and then released on hold with disposition pending, and the investigation continues at home.

Last month, Mayor Murata submitted a complaint to the police on suspicion of hiding the criminal, saying that the former director tried to cover up a series of acts by having the staff write a pledge, but held a conference on the 25th and withdrew. made it clear that

As for the reason, more than 300 parents and other related parties have submitted a petition requesting the continuation of the nursery school, and the new president of the nursery school has expressed his intention to work to prevent a recurrence. We focused on restoring the childcare environment."

When asked about his own response and responsibility, Mayor Murata said, "I think there are some inexperienced areas and there are criticisms. I believe that it is my responsibility to lead to a better kindergarten management."