KBS weather caster Lee Seol-ah revealed that she is suing the impersonator.

On the 24th, weathercaster Lee Seol-ah said on her social media account, "Until recently, a criminal complaint is being filed against a person who impersonated me and created an account on various social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, and wrote vicious comments and abusive language. It's happening," he said.

He said, “The identity of the person who is currently impersonating has been identified and transferred to the local police station, and the result of the complaint that the accused has been identified and is being investigated is expected to come out soon.”

"If you continue to operate an impersonation account or create a new account to write malicious posts after being investigated by the police, we will additionally sue the person concerned," he said. We emphasize once again that there is no agreement or leniency."

Previously, weathercaster Lee Seol-ah had been taking legal action by warning impersonators.

In September of last year, he discovered that an account impersonating his name had left a comment saying, "Fighting Typhoon Nanmadol! Come to our country!", he reported the account, and in November of last year, he posted an impersonation comment that went beyond cheering for the Itaewon disaster. He was angry and expressed his intention to take strong legal action.

In fact, on November 18 last year, he submitted a complaint to the investigative agency.

[Photo = Lee Seol-ah Instagram capture]

(SBS Entertainment News Kang Seon-ae reporter)