China News Service, Beijing, January 25th (Liu Yue) Dear readers and friends, I am sorry to inform you that your holiday balance will soon be insufficient.

  Where's the time?

In this regard, you may be confused. During the one-week Spring Festival holiday, what have I experienced and what have I gained?

  For this philosophical question, thousands of people have thousands of faces and thousands of people can understand it: the nonsense contestant likes to mention the new number on the scale; Check out the new cultural landscape; some people fear that the society will remain the same as before, and they are asked by serial killers that they just want to go back to work...

Drawing: Li Yilu

  So, what type of player are you during the Spring Festival break?

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When you were a child during the Chinese New Year, the wish you made was very simple

become a cool person

When you grow up, you mature

The ideal is also condensed

You who are neither cool nor flirtatious start to show off

Dazzling Dumplings Dazzling Fish

Dazzling Melon Seeds and Tangerine

Perhaps, this is called the original intention.

Drawing: Li Yilu

However, there are always some people

Like to stand on the opposite side of the crowd

He secretly learns while you play

He secretly worked overtime while you were on vacation

When you eat fat during Chinese New Year

He started to lose weight secretly

We generally call him the King of Scrolls

Drawing: Li Yilu

first day home

Mama said, you're the baby of the house

third day home

Mom said, why do you only eat and sleep

You said: Yes, Mr. Lu Xun taught

life is eating and sleeping

Mr. Lu Xun said: make up, continue to make up

Drawing: Li Yilu

Life is more than eating and sleeping

There is also a walk-and-go trip

Foreign veterans are very enthusiastic

But looking at the high officials from other countries who came out to greet them

I can't help but ask the tour guide

Is this really another price?

Drawing: Li Yilu

Love is like a gust of wind, when it blows it goes away

Three days after returning home, the status is not as good as that of a dog

Being scolded for staying up late and playing with mobile phones, and being scolded for sleeping until noon

Being scolded for staying at home every day, being scolded for going out to play every day

You who were rejected by your parents

I feel like I'm breathing wrong

Drawing: Li Yilu

Although disliked by parents

But you also have sparks

How to quickly improve family status?

"Mom, I'll ask my roommate to chop you up too"

"Dad, let me help you clean up the phone installation package"

A tool man must have the consciousness of a tool man

Drawing: Li Yilu

still remember the holidays

Is it helpless to be comforted by uncles and aunts?

remember when i was young

Fear of facing other people's children?

Because of the rain,

So tear up other people's umbrellas

Drawing: Li Yilu

You laughed so hard when you bullied the kids

But according to the law of conservation of energy

smile won't go away

only from your face

transferred to the child's face

just as wages don't disappear

only from your pocket

Transfer to the children's red envelope

Drawing: Li Yilu

Visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival

Your social skills are vulnerable

"Is this my second aunt or my cousin?"

"How much salary do you need to find a boyfriend quickly?"

"He is a child, what kind of red envelope does he want?"

you look to your dad for help

Your dad said, what are you doing standing up?

Pour tea for someone!

Drawing: Li Yilu

don't break out in silence

perish in silence

Evolved social terror

May become a "social cow"

go the other way

let others go nowhere

Drawing: Li Yilu

said so many types

Almost forgot the two types with the largest number of people

family reunion

Toast together to celebrate a happy new year

Drawing: Li Yilu

someone sticks to the post

Just to keep the society running "not closed"

Drawing: Li Yilu

People with different temperaments are all living beings

Respect to every struggler who loves life

no matter what type you are

Year of the Rabbit we all