I would like to start the log of the twelfth day in the jungle with a question: if you had to choose between a week's five-star luxury dream holiday in a double room with Claudia Effenberg or just being able to listen to one song by Modern Talking for the rest of your life – would you take "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" or "Cheri Cheri Lady"?

And with this homage to the female Claas Relotius of the Bolognese branch, we start the day of revelations.

It starts with the realization that Gigi Birofio (the Italo import to Lambrusco that causes the most headaches) is an avid fan of pots: "The inventor of the pot is cool." The Cecilia's hair fetishist shows off pots as enthusiastic as otherwise only Leonardo DiCaprio of 25 years younger supermodels.

"She's a lot meaner than she pretends"

For example, he is less enthusiastic about the most famous player since Lolita Matthäus than he is about pots: "I don't think much of Claudia.

She's a lot meaner than she is." But his brother also gets rid of his fat: "Cosimo is a giant baby." Keyword "fat gone" with Cosimo: If he continues to lose weight in the camp, he may look almost like this by the end of the day like on his own Instagram pictures.

But before that, Photoshop-Cosi still has to go through the jungle test.

Together with Jürgen von der Lippe's favorite candidate, Djamila Rowe, we go to the big jungle memory.

Before the two of them, with their symbiosis of cluelessness and lack of concentration, soar to the Hubert Aiwanger of the jungle, Lieb-Cosimo Citiolo knocks out one of the most touching sentences of the season: "If I win, I'll invite you on a vacation with a hot man.

And if I don't win, I still have enough money, then I'll invite you anyway."

And because actions speak louder than words, he tries to recruit an uninvolved ranger for a date with Djamila.

And he even agrees.

In any case, as long as he has understood the explanations from the mishmash of language that Cosimo apparently takes for English.

But to be honest: I don't believe this.

Double victory for Effenberg

The test that follows shows that the popular saying “bad luck in love, good luck in gambling” does not necessarily apply.

The memory-resistant Tinder duo only gets a meager two stars in the jungle memory and thus gives the cabin fever team a dinner situation full of deprivation.

Only two stars, because jungle chef Papis Loveday-Henssler will probably have to share his kitchen with Schmalhans in the evening.

Djamila would have preferred to have eaten the Bolognese the day before that RTL, Claudia and she had offered in exchange for bags of chips for the general public.



Of course not.

We remember: The heart-rending, selfless Bolognese renunciation came from Claudia Effenberg's imagination and comes in the ranking of the most adventurous jungle legends right after her crocodiles piling up in her vacation home in Florida.

Double victory for Claudia Effenberg.