China News Service, Taizhou, January 25th (Fu Feiyang) "Taizhou's dried seafood is very special. This time I returned to Taiwan for the New Year. I brought dried abalone, dried sea cucumber, etc., and my family liked it very much." Returned to Taiwan from Taizhou, Zhejiang Dong Daoxing, director of the Evidence-Based Medicine Research Center of Taizhou Hospital during the Chinese New Year, said in an interview.

  With the adjustment of cross-strait epidemic prevention measures, many Taiwanese businessmen from Taiwan who work and live in the mainland will return to Taiwan during the Spring Festival this year.

  Eat a table full of home-style New Year’s Eve dinner, shop around the streets and alleys with elders, meet up for dinner with old friends... This year’s Spring Festival, Dong Daoxing had a very fulfilling life.

He told a reporter from that when talking about his life in mainland China with his relatives and friends, he always had endless stories to tell.

  "I work in Taizhou Hospital, and what impresses me the most is the enthusiasm of Taizhou people. In daily teaching work, academic activities, etc., I can get timely help everywhere, and feel the warmth from the big family." Dong Daoxing said, learned that He returned to Taiwan for the New Year, and his colleagues in Taizhou sent blessings and gifts one after another.

The New Year's Eve dinner for Taiwan compatriots in Liu Yuhuan.

Photo by Zhang Yingying

  Like Dong Daoxing, Lin Jiongfeng, general manager of Taizhou Linhai Huichang Optical, also chose to return to Taiwan for the New Year.

When the reporter contacted him, he was visiting relatives and friends with Wuliangye bought from the mainland.

While pushing cups and changing cups, Lin Jiongfeng continued to share what he saw, heard, thought and felt in mainland China.

  "You must be down-to-earth." Talking about how Taiwan compatriots innovate and start businesses in the mainland, Lin Jiongfeng said that there are many opportunities for development in the mainland, but you should not be blindly optimistic at the beginning. work.

  In the depths of the year, the foreign land is still in my land, and the foreign land is the hometown for a long time.

Due to work and other reasons, some Taiwan compatriots choose to stay on the mainland for the New Year.

Although they still yearn to return to their hometown to reunite with relatives and friends, the strong human touch in the mainland always makes them feel the warmth of their "second hometown".

  "My ancestral home is Fujian. People from Taiwan and Fujian call my hometown the 'ancestral home'. When I was a child, after the New Year's Eve dinner, my grandchildren lined up and kowtowed to their grandparents, and they were always asked 'where is the ancestral home'. Our descendants must not forget our ancestors." Lin Wenli, a Taiwan compatriot who is engaged in medical and health care work in Xianju, Taizhou, stayed there for the Spring Festival this year. He said that the Taiwan Affairs Office of Xianju often organizes fellowship and exchange activities for Taiwan compatriots, and also gives them gifts before the Spring Festival. Condolences came, "The two sides of the strait are a family, and the New Year is the New Year wherever you are."

  During the Spring Festival, a "Taiwan Snack" shop in Xiqing Street, Yucheng Street, Yuhuan City, Taizhou City, smelled more fireworks than usual.

Zhang Liangtao is one of the managers of the "Taiwan Snacks" shop.

In November 2022, invited by a Taiwanese friend who started a business in Yuhuan, he came to the local Xiqing Street for an on-the-spot investigation, and rented a store here to operate snacks.

  This year Zhang Liangtao celebrated the Spring Festival in Yuhuan for the first time. He thought he would be lonely in a foreign land, but a group of friends from Yuhuan and Taiwan accompanied him for the New Year’s Eve dinner, which made him feel a different kind of reunion atmosphere.

  "I like the city of Yuhuan very much. It has an indescribable sense of intimacy, beautiful scenery, and warm people. It makes me want to live here and share Taiwanese food with you." Zhang Liangtao said, in fact, whether in mainland China or Taiwan , There is not much difference in the sense of ritual of the Chinese New Year. The traditional customs of the two sides of the Strait are the same, such as sitting around the stove, watching the new year, and eating a New Year’s Eve dinner.

  The Spring Festival is a common historical memory for compatriots on both sides of the strait, and it is also an important bridge and bond for mutual spiritual harmony.

As the reporter observed, during the Spring Festival, although some Taiwan compatriots choose to return to Taiwan, and some Taiwan compatriots choose to stay on the mainland, but under the friendship between the two sides of the strait, blood is thicker than water, and the New Year is always a year.