, Xi'an, January 25th, title: Xi'an Bookstore is very popular during the Spring Festival, and people "forget about reading and traveling in cold nights"

  Chinanews reporter Dang Tianye Zhang Yichen

  "This year's Xi'an is full of New Year's flavor, and there is a lot of traffic in each scenic spot. Originally, I wanted to give up the 'resources' to foreign tourists, and read books in the bookstore to find a quiet place. I didn't expect that the popularity of this place was also 'overwhelming'." Xi'an Reader Song Shuangshuang said with a smile that in the bookstore, there are "one reader in three steps" and "two bookworms in five steps", so you have to be careful when walking, for fear of stepping on someone.

  The Spring Festival holiday has always been an important time for Chinese people to travel and visit relatives and friends.

As a thousand-year-old capital, Xi'an has many historical sites and rich cultural and historical resources, attracting a large number of tourists all the year round.

During the Spring Festival this year, due to the "blowout" increase in the number of tourists, some scenic spots in Xi'an stated that they would adopt temporary flow-limiting measures, and called on Xi'an citizens to travel at off-peak times so that foreign tourists can feel the charm of the ancient capital.

  After seeing the news of the "temporary traffic restriction" in the scenic spot, Song Shuangshuang started his "bookstore tour".

After finding a book she liked, she came to a corner of the bookstore, sat down on the floor and began to read.

"Leaving the fun to others, I only have to read." Song Shuangshuang said that during the Chinese New Year, he socialized "too much" and needed to relax in "joyful reading".

Readers are reading in a bookstore near Datang West Market in Xi'an.

Photo by Dang Tianye

  In recent years, Xi'an has accelerated the construction of a "City of Books", and physical bookstores have developed rapidly under policy guidance and business transformation. With the gradual expansion of the "urban reading circle", entering bookstores and reading with books has become a favorite of local people. One of the ways to live slowly.

  During the Spring Festival, Xi'an was affected by the cold air, and there was a strong wind and cooling weather, and the lowest temperature dropped to minus 6 degrees Celsius.

It is cold and windy outside, and the bookstore is warm and harmonious. The rustling sound of flipping books is like eating mulberry in spring.

  In the evening, the reporter came to a bookstore near Xi'an Datang West Market, where readers of different age groups gathered.

At the door of the bookstore, beside the cabinets of comics and picture books, there are children who are concentrating on reading; on both sides of the bookstore, young men and women are leaning on the bookshelves, holding a novel and reading silently; old man...

  "I heard that Xi'an is a 'scholarly city' with a strong reading atmosphere, but I still didn't expect so many people to come to read books during the Spring Festival." The staff of the bookstore said that he was a little surprised that the store's turnover has increased significantly recently.

Readers are reading in a bookstore near Datang West Market in Xi'an.

Photo by Dang Tianye

  Leaving Datang West Market and moving southeast for more than ten kilometers, you will come to Qujiang New District, which has tourist "business cards" such as Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Datang Everbright City, and Datang Paradise.

During the Spring Festival this year, the cumulative passenger flow in this area in a single day exceeded 400,000.

Such a huge passenger flow not only drives the development of tourism and catering industries, but also tests the capacity of nearby bookstores.

  In Qujiang Book City, there are many tourists who visit Xi'an at night to rest and read.

Tourists from other places hold books explaining the history of Xi'an, "replenishing" knowledge of scenic spots.

Local people read leisure books to relax.

Whether it is the wide variety of books on the bookshelves, or the cultural performances and handicrafts in the ancient market in the hall, they all give people who are busy with "shopping and eating" a reason to "slow down".

  "At the beginning of this year, our bookstore had about 4,000 people a day, and it increased to more than 10,000 people a day during the Spring Festival, which brought some pressure and challenges to our work." Chang Ming, director of the comprehensive management department of Qujiang Bookstore, told reporters from , in addition to holding music performances, sharing annual knowledge, new book signings and other activities, the bookstore also sent additional staff to clean up desks and organize bookshelves in time to provide readers with more considerate services.

  As the night deepens, tourists in the scenic spot gradually disperse.

In the bookstore, books that have been passed around for a whole day in the hands of different readers are returned to the bookshelves, waiting for tomorrow's readers to continue to "listen" to the stories it tells.