The name of Edoya Nekohachi, who was known for imitating birds and animals such as warblers, will be inherited by the deceased son of the late Edoya Koneko. I would like to devote myself to," he said.

Edoya Koneko (45), who inherited the name Edoya Nekohachi V, is the eldest son of the fourth generation who passed away in 2016. It mimics the sounds of lesser-known animals, such as the wildebeest and wildebeest, and is active in vaudeville performances.

On the 25th, Koneko held a press conference in Tokyo's Taito Ward to announce his succession to the name, saying, "By succeeding at an early stage to the name that my grandfather, who was the third generation, and my father had made for generations, I can make 'Nekohachi' my own. Then, I decided. I want to devote myself to my art so that everyone can get used to it with my own color."

Then, as a mimicry of the sounds of a little-known animal, they immediately showed off the sounds of gibbons, inviting laughter.

Koneko-san will succeed the name Nekohachi 5th at the succession event scheduled to be held at the entertainment hall in Tokyo from March 21st.