At the trial of three defendants accused of robbery resulting in death after breaking into an apartment building in Tokyo's Koto Ward and suffocating an elderly woman to death after receiving a so-called "appointment phone" asking how much cash was in the house. However, the Tokyo High Court in the second trial canceled the judgment in the first trial, stating, ``It is clear that the defendants were aware of the risk of death as they were found to have committed an assault by pressing the victim's neck.'' I ordered it to be redone.

Takuki Sue (26) and three other defendants broke into an apartment in Koto Ward, Tokyo four years ago, tied the hands and feet of an 80-year-old woman at the time, and blocked her mouth and nose to suffocate to death. He has been charged with robbery resulting in death.

Last year, the Tokyo District Court, which conducted the first trial, said, ``There was no noticeable internal bleeding on the victim's neck, and it is questionable whether he was pressed. I could not assume the risk of death by assault," and sentenced defendant Sue to 28 years in prison and the other two defendants to 27 years in prison in response to the request for life imprisonment.

In the judgment of the second trial on the 25th, presiding judge Masato Ito of the Tokyo High Court said, "It was recognized that the defendants had violently assaulted the victim, such as pressing the victim's neck, and they were aware of the dangers of their actions. It is clear," he said, revoking the judgment of the first trial and ordering the trial to be redone.