Then, let's connect the weather center here to find out how much snow will fall and how long the cold will last.

Please tell the caster Lim Eun-jin.


Today (26th) from dawn to morning, a lot of snow will fall around the central area.

In particular, it seems that there will be strong snowfall during rush hour, so you should use public transportation as much as possible and be careful of sliding accidents.

As snow clouds flowed in from the west coast, strong snow is now falling on the west coast of Gyeonggi.

In the future, as the snow clouds move northeast and east, it will start snowing in Seoul soon.

Therefore, a heavy snow warning is currently in effect for the central west coast, and a heavy snow warning is issued for Seoul and other metropolitan areas.

The amount of snow falling in the future is more than 10 cm in the central west coast, and quite a lot of snow of 2 to 7 cm in the western part of the metropolitan area such as Seoul, North Chungcheong, northern Gyeongbuk and Jeonbuk.

In the metropolitan area, there will be places where it snows until this afternoon, other central regions until evening or night, and southern regions until tomorrow.

There is still a cold wave warning in the inland area, but the temperature will rise today as it snows.

This morning, the temperature in Seoul will be minus 7 degrees, and the daytime temperature will rise to 0 degrees in Seoul and 2 degrees in Daejeon.

Yesterday's strong cold wave eased somewhat, but after the snow stopped, the days will get cold again between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.