Lingshui is not from Sanya

Lingshui is Lingshui Li Autonomous County in Hainan

Only an hour's drive from Sanya

"Dancing Sea" "Singing Beach"

Tropical rainforests, hot springs, and islands are many

Quiet and comfortable

No noise and hustle and bustle, super healing~

Lingshui Daidai Island seaside.

Photo courtesy of the scenic spot

This Spring Festival, in Qingshui Bay, Lingshui, enjoy the festival

Sea Breeze with Sunrise, Sunset with New Year’s Eve Dinner

The resort atmosphere is perfect

first morning of the new year

The sea breeze is mixed with the breath of the waves

"Singing Beach", not to be missed

Take a walk on the 12-kilometer-long pristine coastline with bare feet

Step on the sea sand as fine as loose powder

Listen to the crisp "singing voice" like a silver bell

Aerial photography of Clear Water Bay.

Photo courtesy of Clear Water Bay Yacht Club

the most amazing thing is

The curved coast of Clearwater Bay with reef beaches

You must see it, maybe you will encounter the "Jelly Sea"

it's here

Catch the sea shellfish is a good choice

Dig all kinds of snails, pick up sea urchins, chase crabs...

don't have fun

Parasailing for aerial photography offshore projects.

Photo courtesy of Boundary Island Scenic Area

Clear Water Bay at night is not dark

The bar and the campsite are lit up, and the atmosphere is full

Choose a tune with your own frequency

Or dynamic, rock, soft...

Boil wine and warm tea, drink this cup full, feel comfortable~

Boundary Island.

Photo courtesy of the scenic spot

Celebrating the Spring Festival on Jiezhou Island in Lingshui

The memory left behind is the taste of sea water

An island with high cost performance for watching, playing and exploring the sea

come here to know

The transparent to clear glass sea and Moana really exist

There are even dolphins celebrating the Chinese New Year with you!

Tourists experience diving on Boundary Island and interact with fish.

Photo by Tong Guoqiang

On the way to Boundary Island, there is a

The must-pass - Perfume Bay, also not to be missed

It is named after a clear spring poured into the bay from Perfume Ridge.

The sea is full of blue waves, and the waves hit the shore, like a dream


The silver sandy beach surrounded by coconut trees is charming

Everything looks lively and charming

Known as "Dancing Sea"

Tourists experience marine projects.

Photo courtesy of Zheng Lipin

Diaoluoshan Tropical Rainforest, don’t miss it

In the lush mountain forest

The rustling sound of the wind and the crisp accompaniment of the stream

Close your eyes and listen, this is the most beautiful song sent by nature

The screen is full of greenery in this winter, so fresh

Even if it's just one more sip, it's a profit

Aerial photography of streams in the rainforest of Mount Diaoluo.

Photo by Luo Yunfei

Look, the so-called "Hainan No. 1 Waterfall"

Lingshui Fengguoshan Waterfalls

Across the thousand-foot canyon and across the 100-meter mountain stream

The spectacle of the rainbow piercing the waterfall

miss it, regret it

and also

Be sure to check out the beauty and grace of Xiaomei Lake in Lingshui

deep green lake

13 islands of different sizes are well arranged

Known as the "Little Three Gorges"

Little sister lake.

Photo by Wang Xiaobin

Do you want to play with "Monkey Brother" during the Spring Festival?

Lingshui Nanwan Monkey Island satisfies you

It is also known as "Sea Flower and Fruit Mountain"

There are more than 2,500 macaques under national second-class protection

they jump around

Some are jumping and swinging in a series of trees

some chirping

diving, swimming

There are those who snuggle in their mother's arms and drink milk

In various poses and with different expressions, at ease...

South Bay Monkey Island.

Photo courtesy of the scenic spot

After a lot of fun

Spend time on the beach of Daidai Island

In this pristine, ecological, quiet and beautiful place

In a daze, it is also very beautiful

Hungry, take the cross-sea sightseeing cableway

Overlooking the magnificent scenery of Danjiayu row in the port

Come to Xincun Wharf, charter a boat and go to sea as a fisherman

Fishing for starfish and sea urchins without waiting for low tide

Fish and eat now, fresh in the eyes, fresh in the mouth

this is really delicious

Lingshui Daidai Island seaside.

Photo courtesy of the scenic spot

In Lingshui, peak hot springs are not to be missed

Wash away the tiredness of the past year

welcome a happy and warm new year

In Lingshui, "the most beautiful road" is not to be missed

The scenery is super beautiful der~

Just a quick shot is the most eye-catching and highly praised blockbuster in the circle of friends

Boundary Island.

Photo courtesy of the scenic spot

In Lingshui, tropical fruits are not to be missed

Dragon fruit, cherry tomato, banana, mango, coconut...

Quality, who knows who eats it

Lingshui sour powder + yellow lantern pepper not to be missed

As long as a small spoon, the whole person immediately "spirited"

Assortment of tropical fruits.

Photo by Luo Yunfei

in Lingshui,

R&F Ocean Paradise Resort is not to be missed

Under the Ferris wheel, or on the 123-meter overlooking the sea tower

Make the first wish of the New Year to the fireworks

Photo courtesy of Hainan R&F Ocean Paradise Resort

In Lingshui, the lighthouse in Qingshui Bay is not to be missed

stop confused steps

Ignite the hope in my heart and set sail again

Next Spring Festival, return as scheduled

this is the meaning of the year

Lingshui seaside.

Photo courtesy of Nanwan Monkey Island Scenic Area

How can such Lingshui be missed?

(China News Agency WeChat public account Li Audi)