• Several Internet users share information sourced from Deagel.com: massive global depopulation is expected by 2025.

  • While some present their source as an American intelligence organization, it is actually a site “run on free time”.

  • And the estimates made are contrary to those of INED for example, which argues that France will have 70 million inhabitants in 2030.

“A little reminder: the Deagel organization predicts massive global depopulation of 50 to 80% by 2025,” say Internet users on social networks.

A necessarily reliable source since it is an intelligence organization for the American government and which has NATO, the OECD, the NSA and several other organizations as partners.

Quick reminder: The Deagel organization predicts massive global depopulation of 50 to 80% by 2025 –

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The assertions are accompanied by various blog articles or screenshots of tables and graphs.

Projections indicate that the French population will be 39 million in 2025, against 67 million today.

And the world's population is expected to increase to just 99 million.

Publications of this type have been circulating for almost 10 years, according to the traces on social networks.

But what is it really?

20 Minutes

tells you more.


Although some Internet users claim it, the explanation given by the Deagel organization is not the Covid-19 epidemic or vaccination.

The estimates having been published before the appearance of the virus, this is in any case impossible.

And besides, these predictions come from an unreliable site, and are contradicted by all recognized institutes.

The National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED) estimates that in 2030 the French population will be 68,554 million.

INSEE sees bigger by predicting 69,093 million in 2025, and more than 70 million in 2030. And the trend should be the same on a global scale.

The United Nations Organization claimed that there should be more than 8 billion human beings in 2025. A level already reached since November 15, 2022.

Experts explain that “fertility, life expectancy and migration” are the three factors that will increase the French population.

The INSEE study also notes: “Until 2040, the proportion of people aged 65 or over will increase sharply, regardless of the assumptions made on the evolution of fertility, migration or life expectancy. of life: on this date, approximately one inhabitant in four will be 65 years of age or older.


Deagel.com: not new to false estimates

In reality, Deagel, presented as an intelligence organization in publications, is a site that describes itself as a non-profit organization "run on spare time", and which is not linked to any government.

What already cast doubt on the forecasts made.

Moreover, the site has already been singled out for its false information.

In 2012, Deagel.com forecasts a decrease in the French population, to reach the threshold of 61 million inhabitants in 2020. A prediction far from being exact since France had 67 million inhabitants.

Any fake news to check?

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“Sorry to disappoint many of you with our predictions.

It's been getting worse every year since the start of the pre-crisis in 2007 (…) Take into account that the forecasts are nothing more than a model, whether faulty or correct.

It is not the word of God or a magic device that allows us to predict the future, ”the authors of the site pointed out in 2014. We do not know the calculation method of Deagel.com, but always is it that the estimates made for 2025 have been removed from the site.


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