In the late 1980s, a stamp rally where you could get a “Bikkuriman” sticker from a major confectionery maker, which was popular among children, started in Shiga Prefecture, and it is gaining momentum.

This stamp rally was organized by the Higashi-Omi Tourism Promotion Council, which manages the tourism business of four local governments in Shiga Prefecture: Higashi-Omi City, Omihachiman City, Ryuo Town, and Hino Town. I planned to have it.

If you spend 500 yen or more at tourist facilities and restaurants in four local governments, you will receive one stamp each, and if you collect four, you will receive a "Bikkuriman" sticker.

The stickers are 7 centimeters in length and width, with 4 types of characters drawn on them.

A man with his family who received the sticker said, "I wanted a sticker, so I asked my family to go around. Now that I've found a shop I like, my family is saying, 'I want to go again.'" rice field.

Mr. Seiji Okamoto of the Higashi-Omi Tourism Promotion Council said, "We planned this project because there was a factory that made Bikkuriman chocolate in Omihachiman City. We expected about 300 people to line up from the first day to get the stickers, and we expected people from all over the country to come. I'm surprised by the reaction above," he said.

This stamp rally is held until February 11th.