A series of robbery cases in the Kanto region.

Based on analysis of the mobile phones of the arrested suspects, the police are increasingly suspecting that there is a group that repeatedly commits crimes while recruiting members on SNS and replacing the perpetrators. was suspected of being involved in an attempted robbery and murder that occurred in Hiroshima last month, according to an interview with investigative officials.

The police authorities are rushing to clarify the actual situation of the group, assuming that the damage is spread over a wide area of ​​​​at least 1 Tokyo and 7 prefectures.

In the robbery-murder case in which Iyo Oshio (90) was killed at a house in Komae City, Tokyo this month, he is suspected of being involved in a robbery injury case in which about 30 million yen was stolen from a house in Nakano Ward, Tokyo last month. It has been revealed that the mobile phone of Rikuto Nagata (21), who was arrested, seems to have been exchanged about the incident in Komae City.

In addition, it is known that the mobile phone of the Self-Defense Forces officer who was arrested for the robbery and injury that occurred this month in Oamishirasato City, Chiba Prefecture, also contained information on the site of the house in Komae City. There is a growing view that there is a group in the background that recruits members on SNS and repeats crimes while replacing the perpetrators.

Subsequent investigation revealed that some members of the group had attempted robbery and murder last month when several men broke into a house that doubled as a store in Hiroshima City, severely injuring the man inside and robbing him of his money. Interviews with investigative officials revealed that there was a suspicion that he was also involved in

The group is also believed to have been involved in robberies targeting houses in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture in November last year and in Inagi City, Tokyo in October. There are 13 cases in the prefecture, and we are hurrying to clarify the actual situation of the group, considering that it extends to a wide area.

What happened on the day of Mr. Oshio's incident?

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, Mr. Oshio has been living at the site for three years with his son, his wife, and two grandchildren.

On the day of the incident, four people other than Mr. Oshio went out by around 8:15 am, and it is believed that he was alone in the room on the second floor at that time.

After that, at around 9:30 am, it was confirmed that he left his home and headed for Komae Station on the Odakyu Line, about 2 kilometers away, by bus. Did.

After shopping, he headed to Komae Station by train again, and returned home by taxi past 11:00 am.

As a result of the judicial autopsy, Mr. Oshio's estimated time of death was around noon, and it is believed that he was attacked within an hour after returning home.

Suspicious rental car footage

In this case, it was known that two suspicious rental cars were captured on the day of the incident by security cameras near and around the house, and the Metropolitan Police Department confiscated them as suspected of being involved in the crime. doing.

Footage obtained by NHK shows that one of these was caught on a security camera installed in a house about 200 meters east of Mr. Oshio's house.

The video shows a white rental car coming from the direction of the house at the scene just after 1:00 pm on the day of the incident and driving away to the east.

People sitting in the driver's seat and passenger seat are shown, and you can see that at least two people are on board.

A local resident also filmed the same white rental car parked at a coin parking a few hundred meters away from the site just after 11:30 pm that day.