At a municipal elementary school in Yasu City, Shiga Prefecture, a teacher in his 50s repeatedly bullied a child he was in charge of, saying, "Let's ignore it." We have compiled a draft report saying that we were not able to respond.

As a measure to prevent a recurrence, we are considering having teachers other than the homeroom teacher enter the classroom to prevent a closed room.

Last year, at a municipal elementary school in Yasu City, a male teacher in his 50s, who was the head of the grade, repeatedly bullied a second-year boy who was in charge, saying, "Let's ignore it." It became clear that it also led to bullying from other children.

After changing the homeroom teacher, the teacher was punished with a pay cut in December last year.

The city board of education proceeded with the investigation and compiled

a draft report to prevent recurrence

. I am pointing out that it has not been addressed.

In addition, the city's board of education was not able to provide sufficient support and did not disclose the problem, so it was said that the cover-up constitution was questioned.

On top of that, as measures to prevent recurrence,

▽ To prevent the classroom from becoming a closed room, we will consider efforts to enter the classroom by teachers other than the homeroom teacher, and

▽ Strengthen the organizational responsiveness of the board of education.

Ken Nishimura, superintendent of the Yasu Municipal Board of Education, said, "I want to take it seriously and create a safe and secure school so that it doesn't happen again."