, Kunming, Jan. 23 (Chen Jing) China, India, Cambodia, Mongolia, the four countries of the Spring Festival "Cloud" Gala, the Spring Festival Cultural Week appeared in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and the online photography and video exhibition showed the ethnic culture and beautiful scenery of Yunnan... Since January 20th, the 2023 "Welcome to Spring from Thousands of Miles and Return to Mountains and Seas to Prosper" China, India, Cambodia, and Mongolia Spring Festival Gala and Spring Festival cultural exchange series of activities have continued to be exciting, using cultural bridges to share the beautiful blessings of the Chinese New Year at home and abroad.

  The series of activities were sponsored by the Information Office of the Yunnan Provincial People's Government and the Foreign Affairs Office of the Yunnan Provincial People's Government, and undertaken by China News Agency Yunnan Branch.

It was carried out in Yunnan, China, New Delhi, India, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. As of January 23, domestic and overseas media had released more than 300 relevant reports, with a total reading of over 100 million people and media coverage of over 130 million people.

The picture is provided by the organizer of the Spring Festival Cultural Week held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  A series of activities take turns to share the Spring Festival cultural feast at home and abroad

  "Among the colorful clouds in Chaoci Spring City, I took the high-speed train to see the sea. I couldn't get enough of the green hills. In a blink of an eye, the sea breeze came to my face..." A song "Watching the Sea with a High-speed Train" was broadcast on the evening of January 20 in the 2023 "Warm Spring" The "Blooming Flowers" China, India, Cambodia, and Mongolia set off a climax at the Spring Festival Gala. Singers and actors sang and danced on the China-Laos Railway, singing about the new opportunities for Yunnan's development and the new chapter of China's opening up to the outside world.

The "Bamboo" performance in the bamboo forest is novel and amazing; the song "Love China" co-operated by Chinese and Cambodian actors is melodious and melodious, singing the friendship between the two countries... The party will be "de-staged" Innovative techniques, ingenious series and vivid display of representative song and dance works of China, India, Cambodia and Mongolia, outline a happy, peaceful, warm and joyful New Year atmosphere.

  In Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia thousands of miles away from Kunming, the "Beautiful China·Colorful Yunnan" Spring Festival Cultural Week lasted for a week, not only displaying tile cats, Yunzi Go, Cuiyu silver silk, paper-cutting, flower cakes, Yunnan coffee, Puer tea Intangible cultural heritage such as intangible cultural heritage and Yunnan's special New Year products, and gifts such as Spring Festival couplets, window grilles, blessing characters, sachets, etc. are also presented to the public, which has a strong "New Year flavor".

The picture is provided by the sponsor of the China-Laos Railway pictures exhibited in the "Beautiful China·Colorful Yunnan" photography and video exhibition

  The "Beautiful China Colorful Yunnan" photography and video exhibition was officially launched on the 21st.

40 wonderful photographs and 60 short videos vividly demonstrated to the world Yunnan's beautiful scenery, ethnic integration, green environmental protection, openness and tolerance.

  The special program "Happy Reunion and the Lantern Festival Joyful Party" will also be broadcast on online platforms in multiple countries during the Lantern Festival (February 5).

  Overseas Spring Festival culture "out of the circle" People from all walks of life send New Year blessings

  The series of activities are diverse in form and rich in content, and the audience covers people from all walks of life in many countries.

"Many friends saw my performance at the Spring Festival Gala and gave me praise." Viza, a new generation Cambodian singer with millions of fans, sang the Cambodian folk song "Love China" at the "Spring Blossoms" Spring Festival Gala, melodious Her singing voice and dance with ethnic characteristics won the love of many netizens.

She said happily, "Through this exchange activity, I deeply feel the friendship between the Cambodian and Chinese people, and I feel very honored to be able to contribute to cultural exchanges between the two countries."

  Feng Lifa, president of the Cambodian Chinese Calligraphers Association, was invited to write couplets and blessing characters for the citizens at the site of the Spring Festival Cultural Week series of activities.

He said, "It is the right time to hold the Spring Festival Cultural Week on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Cambodia and China. It not only allows everyone to feel the strong festive atmosphere, but also uses festivals as a medium to promote mutual learning between civilizations and people-to-people bonds between the two countries."

  Nayak, chairman of the Indian Journalists Association, believes that this event is novel in form and rich in content, bringing traditional Chinese culture to the Indian people. He looks forward to further deepening the friendship between the people of India and China through this event, and at the same time promoting cultural exchanges and mutual learning in the Asian region .

  The chairman of the Nepal-China Media Forum, Kosho Shrestha, has paid close attention to the cultural exchanges and mutual learning between Nepal and other South Asian countries and China in recent years.

He said that the series of Chinese New Year cultural exchange activities held in India will serve as a link between South Asian countries and Chinese folk culture exchanges.

At the same time, it is expected that more activities to promote cultural exchanges and people-to-people exchanges will be carried out in Nepal and China, so as to further deepen the friendship and mutual understanding between the two peoples.

The picture is a mobile phone screenshot taken by overseas media reporting on the Spring Festival Cultural Week held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  Mr. Yang, a citizen engaged in the tourism industry in Kunming, said, "I learned about the 'Beautiful China Colorful Yunnan' photography and video exhibition through a Thai guest. Attracted by Shangri-La, I asked me where these places were and wanted to travel. From this perspective, this photography and video exhibition is very successful.”

  More than 300 reports from domestic and overseas media have been read more than 100 million times

  In 2023, after the launch of the China-India-Cambodia-Mongolia Spring Festival Gala and the Spring Festival cultural exchange series of "Welcome the Spring from Thousands of Miles and Return to the Mountains and the Seas to Prosper", Cambodian National Television, Cambodia Single Network, ASEAN News Agency, Sri Lanka Mirror, Myanmar Golden Phoenix News, M TIME Media such as Myanmar Micro Video Production and Release Center, Pakistani Diplomatic Vision, Pakistan Global News, and Nepal Jana Ashtar Weekly reported on the relevant activities.

As of January 23, media at home and abroad have released more than 300 reports, with a total reading of more than 100 million people and media coverage of more than 130 million people.

  Mongolia is a natural partner in the joint construction of the "Belt and Road" and one of the first countries to support the "Belt and Road" initiative.

Mongolian Herdsman TV and other media reported that the dance "Music Cup Man" and the song "My Horse" vividly demonstrated the vastness of the Mongolian grassland and the enthusiasm and heroism of the people. Relying on the "Spring Festival", the most important festival of the Chinese nation, Traditional festivals continue to deepen cultural exchanges between Mongolia and China and promote people-to-people bonds.

  Pakistani Diplomatic Vision, Sri Lanka Mirror and other media reported that hundreds of photography and short video works were displayed, vividly showing the beautiful scenery, ethnic integration, openness and tolerance of Yunnan to the world, and praising the beauty of Yunnan's ecology, humanity, and openness. , The beauty of harmony.

  Many Cambodian netizens left messages after relevant reports on Cambodia, saying, "I wish the Chinese people and overseas Chinese all over the world a happy Spring Festival" and "I wish everyone a happy New Year!" (End)