You have to say this grim thing out loud.

Here are those Ukrainians who died, were killed in the past year - ours, born Russians, Little Russians, Tauricians, whatever people - why did they die?

They died because our propaganda, our ideology, our cultural front, our media, our cinema, our music - all of them in the past years at least 15 (when the problem that was brewing there was quite clearly drawn on their “Maidans”) worked with they are either bad, or, which is much worse, elementarily worked on their side, their escheat politician.

And their own propaganda, their cultural front, their ideology, albeit such a miserable one, worked as it should.

And the Western structures, which were blowing into the ears of the whole Ukraine, also worked as they should.

And because we worked badly, disgustingly, in no way with Ukraine and the people inhabiting it, they now have to, Lord have mercy, to kill.

And it's a nightmare.

But we have to kill them, I repeat once again, because we didn’t just leave them, betrayed them, abandoned them - we ourselves helped to raise them.

To their own and our destruction.

... I remember I went to Kyiv more than once with a cultural landing.

From Moscow, my God.

And in this landing, 90% were today's foreign agents.

The problem is that they behaved exactly the same then.

They didn't hide!

They carried it proudly!

“Away from Moscow, away from Moscow,” they said.

“Be free, be free from us wretched ones,” they said.

"We love you, we believe in you!"

they said.

And only, Kingdom of Heaven, the writer Alexander Abramovich Kabakov spoke, I remember, and he was asked from the audience what he thinks about independent Ukraine and its future.

He then (directly into the microphone) asked the organizers:

— How long before the plane?

Are we going straight from here?

Okay... Friends.

I am a Russian monarchist.

There is no Ukraine.

This is Russia.

... in the evening, I remember, laughing and with delight, I told one figure in our delegation about Kabakov's wonderful trick.

To which the leader, twisting his face, said:

“He is a fool, that Kabakov.

Now, I say, Kabakov has died, and the figure is still sitting on the public councils of book fairs and organizers of cultural spaces.

The very ones from where Donbass poets and publicists are swept away with a long broom.

So one more time for confirmation.

To put it symbolically (although not to such an extent as we would like): they kill in Ukraine not at all through the fault of the “tyrant and despot”, but through the collective fault of those who allowed an entire nation to be led into fornication and contributed to it.

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