Today (22nd), New Year's Day, it must have been easy to do outdoor activities thanks to the cold weather, but from tomorrow the cold wind will become stronger.

The temperature will be above the normal level by day, but it will drop around 20 degrees overnight, and accordingly, the strongest cold wave this winter is expected to be -17 degrees the next morning.

The perceived temperature plummets to minus 27 degrees Celsius, so please be aware of extreme temperature changes.

In the cold, the day after tomorrow, heavy snowfall is also forecast in Honam and Jeju Island.

In the mountains of Jeju, snow of up to 70cm or more and up to 20cm in the Honam region will be poured.

Traffic disruptions on the way back are expected.

Tomorrow, until dawn, snow will blow in some areas in the mid-northern area, but clear weather will continue during the day.

Meanwhile, in the eastern provinces, the air will be dry and the wind will blow very strongly.

Even after this holiday season, the heavy rain will continue for the time being.

(Taebin Yang, weather caster)