Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach wants to support long-Covid patients with more information and improve their care through investments in research.

A hotline will soon be set up in his ministry as a contact point for people who want to find out more about Long Covid, Lauterbach told the “Rheinische Post” on Saturday.

The hotline should also provide information on diagnostics and new therapeutic approaches.

His ministry also wants to invest 100 million euros in research that examines how long-Covid patients can best be cared for, said the SPD politician.

“One important question, for example, is which form of rehabilitation works.

The wrong rehab can result in additional debilitation.”

Lauterbach warns of long-term consequences

The ARD capital city studio had already reported on Thursday that Lauterbach plans to budget millions for the funding of projects to improve the supply for the coming years.

Lauterbach did not say for what period of time he estimated these funds.

The ARD report also pointed out that it is unclear whether the minister will get so much money in the budget for this.

Lauterbach repeatedly warns of the long-term consequences of a corona infection, which not only affect those affected, but could also have consequences for society as a whole.

"We assume that a relevant proportion of those who are ill after a corona infection are struggling with long-Covid symptoms," said Lauterbach of the "Rheinische Post".

“Estimates go from five to ten percent.

This often means a hard stroke of fate for the individual and can even become relevant for the job market if the number of sick people continues to rise.”