China News Agency, Xining, January 21st, title: The sixth Chinese New Year of the "Batie" brother: The enthusiastic people make me feel at home

  Author Li Jun

  "Uncles, it's easy to spread." "New Year's goods are ready (have you)?" Abdullah, an international student from Pakistan, recorded a short video of New Year greetings in Qinghai dialect, which is not very fluent.

  Abdullah is an international student majoring in Chinese language and literature at Qinghai University for Nationalities. Since he came to China in 2017, he likes it very much.

In addition to Qinghai Province, where he is currently studying and living, he has also been to Beijing, Jiangsu, Yunnan, Guangdong and other places.

Having experienced the customs and customs of all parts of China, he has spent five Spring Festivals in China.

  Abdullah said that this year's Spring Festival is more lively than the previous two years. "A lot of delicious food has 'come back', and I will go to join in the fun and enjoy the joy in a while." He said, "This excitement is like hometown Eid al-Adha, the enthusiasm of the people of Qinghai made me, a 'Batie brother', feel at home."

  In addition to being an international student, Abdullah is also a video expert. He used his camera to record the beautiful scenery of Qinghai and his own life, and told these stories to his family and friends abroad, telling them how rich the life of foreign students in China is. colorful.

  As the Spring Festival is approaching, Gu Li, an international student from Turkmenistan, is preparing for the New Year with her Chinese family. As a Chinese daughter-in-law, she makes dumplings very well.

  "I have been in China for five years, and I spend the Spring Festival in Qinghai every year. I like to eat hand-caught mutton, handmade noodles, and making buns and dumplings are my new skills." Gu Li said that this year she will take her husband back to her natal home. "I want to teach my mother the handmade noodles, so that they can also eat different delicacies."

  "I chose Qinghai at the beginning because there are many ethnic minorities here, and I really want to know their culture and customs. Now I fall in love with Qinghai, learn to speak some Qinghai dialect, and have many Qinghai friends." Abdullah said, he is willing to continue As the "messenger" of cultural exchange, he will stay in Qinghai after graduation this year, and his younger brother can't stand the "temptation" and plans to study in Qinghai this year.

  According to statistics from the Qinghai Provincial Department of Education, 85% of the more than 100 international students in Qinghai Province will come from countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” in 2022.