Anne Igartiburu

goes to

El Hormiguero

, it is always to present a book.

However, this time, in addition to the book (

Life begins every day. 366 reflections to be present

) in the air you could smell something else.

Yes, for

Anne Igartiburu

the important thing was to present the book, but at some point you had to ask what you had to ask,


's decision to do without her in

Las Campanadas

for the first time in 17 years, the decision of the presenter of give them with

Ibai Llanos

and with

Ramón García

and, sideways, the reason that has led to one thing, then another and then another...

The secret that we all knew, but that no one had yet confirmed, the reason why

RTVE separated its queen from 'hearts'

and its queen from the Chimes, despite having lost in 2021 the leadership of the television moment of each year, was discovered.

Anne Igartiburu

, who is queen in

La 1

and wherever she goes, she answered in the only way she could answer without anyone feeling offended and without raising blisters, but that was it.

She was left because of the reason she did not present

the Chimes

, why she was separated from her and why she ended up presenting the grapes with

Ibai Llanos

and with her


, getting more than two and a half million views.


New Years Eve.

The 'revenge' of Anne Igartiburu: she will give the Chimes with Ibai Llanos and Ramón García

  • Drafting: ESTHER MUCIENTES Madrid

The 'revenge' of Anne Igartiburu: she will give the Chimes with Ibai Llanos and Ramón García

The reason for the

soap opera this New Year's Eve

was an open secret that

Anne Igartiburu

ended up confirming last night, but without too much hype.

In fact, no hype.

It was in the last question of the night, when it seemed that the interview was over, when

Pablo Motos

told him: "And now it seems that we are going to see you in a new record for you, in

Your face it sounds familiar

to me ."

"Yes. You see...", answered

Anne Igartiburu

without further ado .

And when I say no more, it's no more.

Although the premiere date of the new season of

Tu cara suena me

is not yet known and everything seems to indicate that until the recently released new edition of

El Desafío

is finished, the most watched program on television will not return, the question of

Pablo Motos,

which occurred just after talking about the movement of

the Chimes

, was launched with more reason than it seems.

Anne Igartiburu said it all without saying anything

Because although Anne Igartiburu did not reveal anything about why


took her away from

Las Campanadas

by surprise, the shadow that it was due to her possible participation in Tu cara me suena, was always hanging over her.

And although last night it was not said explicitly either, that

Pablo Motos

launched the question that confirms that participation just after asking him about

the Chimes

is absolute confirmation of what

Anne Igartiburu

said at one point in the interview:

"Life is like that. Things They always happen for a reason

. "

Because, in fact, although the entire interview focused on the presenter's new book, the question that did not come was present in the environment all the time.

Like a background sound,

a tension that at some point had to be broken


Also, I guess by chance, the new book by

Anne Igartiburu

has a lot to do with this.

"It is a guide to work, to understand, to guide you. It is a precious gift for oneself and a gift that I have given myself," the presenter described it as soon as the interview began.

And although it is also true that

Pablo Motos

showed that the book and what the book deals with is one of the topics that most interests the presenter, the question that did not come was always in the air.

Anne Igartiburu


Pablo Motos

tried, and succeeded, to focus the interview on those bad thoughts that invade us every day and that we have to overcome.

That innate fear of the human being that restricts us, slows us down and makes us lose the good moments in life.

Because that's what the book is about,

how to manage those fears and those brakes that we put on every day almost without being aware of it


"Human beings are not designed to be happy. They are designed to survive and reproduce. That is why fears haunt us,"

Pablo Motos

said at one point in the program .

"That is why there is a lot of talk about positive thinking, but it is not easy because you have to create new neural connections to change that constant feeling of fear," added

Anne Igartiburu


And it is that what

Anne Igartiburu

transmits , although he acknowledges that it has cost her and continues to cost her, is an incredible inner peace, peace with herself and with others.

And that explains the way in which the decision of


E, its first time in 17 years without giving the Chimes on

La 1

, has been made or, at least, it is transmitted that it has been made, how badly the public channel did with her etc

"(...) love me a little," said the presenter when

Pablo Motos

asked her how she managed to overcome rejection.


Be good with yourself and then the rest will come

. It is part of maturity and acceptance. They are processes of biting the dust and learning," added



Anne Igartiburu and her theory of life

In fact, although it seems that

Anne Igartiburu

doesn't like anyone, in the book she proposes to do an exercise, putting herself in the place of the person you don't like.


I doubt that they empathized with her after removing her from

the Chimes

, and if they did, they did not do it well.

But for

Anne Igartiburu

, the important thing is that that led her to something better, to something new, to a place where she did not expect to be, to give

the Chimes


Ibai Llanos

, on Twitch and, again, with her

Ramón García


"Life is like that and one year you say 'look, I'm staying at home' and then I got into this mess. And

that's when you think why and what things happen for

. Well, so that Ibai would strike the bell."

Anne Igartiburu could have said, well look, yes, they decided not to count on me because they're angry because I signed with

Your face sounds

familiar to me and I'm going to do another program for the leading channel, and instead of staying at home, I went to give them with Ibai and I returned to Puerta del Sol. But no,

Anne Igartiburu

is above all that.

It's just that, besides, I'm convinced that she doesn't feel that, and if she has felt it, she has erased that fear from her head.

If the fear that he was talking about at the beginning and that is innate to human beings had kept him going, he would not have accepted

Ibai Llanos

's offer and, above all, he would not have accepted to participate in

Tu cara me suena


What's wrong?

It's still hard to understand.

Surely, if this had happened with another character, the 'scandal' would have been a real show, but with Anne... With

Anne Igartiburu

it becomes a lesson.

The lesson that you think of yourself, that you accept what comes and that better things or different things will come.

"Did you give Ibai any advice?"

Pablo Motos

asked about that night.

"What's up! I saw him so loving and so grateful to us that I didn't have to give any advice

(...) In the end, I came up with it on Twitch and I freaked out," he said.

Indeed, that RTVE decided to remove its queen from the Chimes had a reason, the anger of the public entity because

Anne Igartiburu

is going to participate in

Tu cara me suena

, on another channel and in the most watched program on television after, coincidentally, The Anthill.

Because Anne Igartiburu was one of the masks in the last edition of

Mask Singer

and because

Anne is taking all the opportunities that life is offering her


Let's think about how many presenters like

Anne Igartiburu

, of her category, have seen how the chains sent them to ostracism and they had to find a new path.

Anne Igartiburu

is not going to wait for that, she is going to make things happen and for that we have to "

work on acceptance, help or accompany others to feel better and listen"


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