January 20, 2023

Pete Davidson seems to have found love (again)

Can Pete Davidson be single for more than a week?

The comedian is apparently once again in a relationship, this time with Chase Sui Wonders.

They are filming colleagues, and TMZ immortalized them, visibly in the middle of a kissing session, during a private visit to Universal Studios.

And as the publication notes, when Pete Davidson takes one of his conquests to a theme park, it's potentially a sign of seriousness.

The last to have spent an afternoon with the comedian in an amusement park was none other than Kim Kardashian, with whom he stayed for nine months!

Selena Gomez is still single

Robert Pattinson also went on silly diets

Actresses aren't the only ones under pressure from diktats in Hollywood.

Robert Pattinson once tried “all possible diets”, convinced that he needed them to stay handsome on screen.

And he therefore followed certain precepts of unscrupulous people, which are strongly discouraged, such as the "100% potato diet" (unless you want to end up with deficiencies).

“Once I only ate potatoes for two weeks as a detox.

Just boiled potatoes and Himalayan pink salt.

Apparently it's a purification… You definitely lose weight, ”he explained to


magazine .

Robert Pattinson also tried the keto diet, since he saw that you could continue to eat your favorite sin: deli meats.

“I tried keto once.

I thought, "Oh, there's a diet where you only eat charcuterie boards and cheese all the time?"

But I didn't understand that you can't drink beer, because it defeats the purpose,” he added.


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