The contents of the 911 call, which was made from the Calabasas home of the lifeless Lisa Marie Presley, has been revealed by US media.

Two people are on the phone, visibly distraught, who transmit information to the dispatcher of the emergency service.

One is a woman, Lisa Marie Presley's governess;

the other is a man, who the press assumes is the singer's ex-husband, Danny Keough.

They were divorced, but remained very close.

"What is your emergency address?"

the operator asked the housekeeper.

Faced with the panic of the domestic worker, he asked if another person was at his side and who he could talk to.

The regulator told him that "the paramedics (were) already on the way" and asked him if he had any information to communicate to get to the home of Elvis Presley's only daughter.

“No, there is a security barrier in the neighborhood, but they will just let them pass,” replied the man present in the house, who then said that he heard help coming.

Brain death

Although media, including the

New York Post

, which was the first to unveil the recording, say that several cardiac massages were performed on Lisa Marie Presley by Danny Keough first, then by the paramedics, who allegedly restarted her heart Within moments, the singer-songwriter was declared brain dead upon arrival at West Hills Hospital and Medical Center in Los Angeles.

She was placed in an artificial coma and on life support, but her condition was such that the family agreed that she should not be revived.

His second cardiac arrest was fatal to him.

She was 54 years old.

A public funeral service will be held in his memory this Sunday, on the lawn of the Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee.

The funeral will then take place there.

Lisa Marie Presley will be buried alongside her son Benjamin Keough, who died by suicide in July 2020. It is also the final resting place of Elvis Presley, and a place of pilgrimage for his countless fans.


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Lisa Marie Presley, only daughter of 'King' Elvis, dies at 54

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