Amidst the confirmation of inappropriate childcare for children at childcare facilities around the country, a seminar was held in Sagamihara City to protect children from violence and abuse.

This workshop was held by Sagamihara City on the 18th, and about 200 people participated, including directors and nursery teachers who work at nursery schools in the city.

At the seminar, a child welfare expert talked about the problem of inappropriate childcare in various places, such as childcare workers assaulting children, and the increase in domestic abuse cases. Did.

On top of that, when you feel frustrated with your child, you should learn how to calm down your anger, such as holding back for six seconds. told me it was important.

In addition, if there was a child who was suspected of being abused at home, they were asked to record detailed information and report it to the child guidance center, or to consult with the city's nursery school department.

The director of a nursery school in the city who participated in the seminar said, "I would like to bring back today's story and listen to the experiences of the nursery teachers in the nursery school, and promote the creation of an environment where child abuse never occurs." I was talking to