, Beijing, January 17th (Reporter Li Shuangnan) A few days ago, the 2023 "Happy Spring Festival" launching ceremony and "Happy Spring Festival Harmonious Coexistence" concert kicked off and was broadcast online to the world, presenting a traditional and A grand ceremony of Chinese culture with the fusion of science and technology and the collision of classic and modern.

Among them, the Family Marriage Class-Longyun Wuyi Troupe, which has been on the stage of "Happy Chinese New Year" for many years, once again appeared on the stage, integrating Tai Chi martial arts, piano performance, Guqin performance, street dance and other art forms with international pianist Lang Lang, Guqin player Yang Zhijian and other artists. The joint performance of "Tai Chi Capriccio" collided across dimensions to reveal the unique charm of Tai Chi, the world's intangible cultural heritage, and Tai Chi culture.

  It is reported that in order to celebrate the New Year and the Spring Festival, the Marriage Class-Longyun Martial Arts Troupe also participated in the recording of the online launching ceremony of the "Happy Chinese New Year" and specially filmed the martial arts drama "Kungfu of Today" (English name "Kungfu of Today"), which is a fusion of digital and real life.

The play is divided into five chapters: "Morning of Kung Fu", "Heaven and Man", "Heroes for Justice", "Overcoming Difficulties" and "Concentration and Meditation". The online video broadcast platform was released to show the unique charm of Chinese Kung Fu to audiences at home and abroad.

  At the launching ceremony of this year's "Happy Chinese New Year", artists such as Family Marriage Class-Longyun Wuyi Troupe and Chen Bing, the successor of Chen Style Tai Chi, organically integrated "wu" and "dance", which not only showed the charm of Tai Chi, the world's intangible cultural heritage, but also brought The audience felt the true meaning of "harmonious coexistence" of Tai Chi, highlighting the theme of "harmony and coexistence" at the launching ceremony, and also formed the ingenious fusion of multiple art forms through the collision of martial arts and hip-hop dance, and the resonance of piano and guqin. Clap your hands.

  In 2023, various and colorful online and offline activities of the "Happy Chinese New Year" will once again cover the world. Through the "Spring Festival", an emotional bond with unique traditional cultural charm, we will strive to provide more excellent public cultural products to the world and promote Exchanges and mutual learning among global civilizations.

The event is guided by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and co-sponsored by China International Cultural Exchange Association and Henan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.