Solène Delinger 3:30 p.m., January 17, 2023

Invited to the program "We redo the TV", broadcast on RTL on Saturday January 14, David Pujadas returned to his estrangement with Nicolas Sarkozy.

The journalist explained that the former President of the Republic had not spoken to him since the debate in the right-wing primary in 2016, when he asked him about the financing of his 200th campaign by Libya. 

Would Nicolas Sarkozy hold a grudge?

The former head of state has still not digested an embarrassing question posed by David Pujadas during the right-wing primary debate in 2016. The journalist asked Nicolas Sarkozy if his 2007 presidential campaign had been financed by Libya, as the businessman Ziad Takieddine claimed at the time.

“He remained angry”

Scandalized by the journalist's question, Nicolas Sarkozy replied: "What indignity! You are not ashamed to echo a man who has been in prison and who is a liar. It is not the idea that I am doing public service. What a shame!

Several years after this tense exchange, the two men did not speak again.

The former President of the Republic has not forgiven David Pujadas for having embarrassed him in 2016. "Since that day, I have never spoken to Nicolas Sarkozy again. Never. He stayed angry”, thus revealed David Pujadas on Saturday January 14 in the program

 On refait la télé

, broadcast on RTL. 

Nicolas Sarkozy persuaded to have lost the primary because of the question of David Pujadas

"I know his lawyer and I know some of his relatives," continues the journalist.

"So, from time to time, I ask them if he is still sulking. Well, yes. He is convinced that, in particular, this sequence made him lose the primary of the right in 2016 and, shortly before , another interview we did on Libya and Bygmalion (…) This is where it takes on a somewhat irrational dimension. good…”, concludes David Pujadas, who would obviously not be closed to the idea of ​​making peace with Nicolas Sarkozy…