They entered little by little and today they are protagonists of the rankings of the most watched series.

Every time one of its actors sets foot in Spain, a strong security device is put into operation.


fan communities are multiplying and

they even stay to comment on the game from time to time.


soap operas

have become a mass phenomenon that leaves behind the times when Venezuela dominated television afternoons.

The most watched series in 2022 has been


, with

more than 1.7 million faithful

- you'll forgive me for the joke - hooked on the plots and subplots of Asya's life in

prime time


Antena 3

, and four of the 10 titles TV shows with the highest ratings are also

made in



Not in vain, the ambassador of that country was part of the cast in the Atresmedia

Christmas greeting


But there is more.

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The women who embody the 'sorpasso' of Antena 3 to Telecinco

  • Drafting: ESTHER MUCIENTES Madrid


The women who embody the 'sorpasso' of Antena 3 to Telecinco


Turkish fiction advances in its conquest of Spain

  • Drafting: DAVID SANZ EZQUERROMadrid

Turkish fiction advances in its conquest of Spain

Because it is not necessarily the exoticism of oriental landscapes that brings together the masses.

One of the most internationally successful Spanish series in recent years has been


, an adaptation of the Turkish production


, which began the Turkish audiovisual era.

After being broadcast on

Antena 3

with an average of 3.2 million unique viewers in each live and delayed episode, it crossed our borders with


to position itself as one of the most sought-after non-English-speaking productions.



, also broadcast in

prime time


Antena 3

last spring, although with less success, is the Spanish version of the Turkish



We warned that it was a growing trend in other television markets

José Antonio Antón

, today content director of


, when he was responsible for its thematic channels,

is largely to blame for the landing and subsequent conquest of the Spanish market for Turkish fiction .

"Our team specialized in buying foreign productions was warning us that they were a growing trend in other television markets," he recalls by email.

In January 2018, the Fatmagül

experiment started


Scene from the series 'Alba', based on the Turkish 'Fatmagül'.ATRESMEDIA

The Nova


became an excellent field of research, less risky than a mainstream channel but with a great capacity for loyalty.



experienced a success that made it clear that a change in trend was coming in Spain.

Anton credits not so much the discovery as the careful selection of titles.

And he warns: "Others tried to copy our strategy with mixed results...".

The dart is aimed at

Mediaset , which has tested a large number of Turkish productions on both




with less success


"It is not a question of buying Turkish, French or English series, but of buying the best ones", settles the director of



Others have tried to copy our strategy with mixed results.

The audiovisual group continued to successfully test other Turkish series and in 2020 decided to make the leap to its flagship,

Antena 3

, no less than in

prime time


Of course, in summer, the best time to take risks due to low television consumption.

Again, it was a hit:


became a huge hit.

"It didn't matter if it was broadcast one day a week, two...", recalls Antón.

My daughter

arrived a few months later on Sunday nights and exceeded all expectations: it garnered an average of 2,958,000 million viewers, placing it as the best premiere of the year.

'Tierra Amarga' has meant a definitive overturn to the afternoons on television.ATRESMEDIA

But the great revelation of Antena 3 has come in the afternoon.

Yes, the after-dinner meal is a classic moment for series that mixes love and thriller, but the

Bitter Earth

phenomenon has caught the attention of experts.

Despite also being available free-to-air on


, the loyalty of this fiction set in the 70s in the daily broadcast has surprised all and sundry, and has meant for the chain far surpassing


Sálvame .

"The afternoon has turned around", acknowledges the programming director of


, "and with that slot in our possession we were able to deal the final blow to the television leadership".

With the afternoon in our power we were able to deal the final blow to the television leadership

For José Antonio Antón there are many factors that influence the success of a television product: "You have to know which series you buy, when you broadcast it, in which slot, what day, with what strategy, how you promote it...".

It is clear that


has hit the key, although all after "meticulous studies" on the behavior of the audience: "Making good television is much more complicated than it seems," he warns.

The new big bet from Atresmedia is filmed... in Turkey

Maggie Civantos and Ilker Kaleli will star in 'The Turkish Passion'.ATRESMEDIA

Although the executive producer of Atresmedia's new fiction,

Sonia Martínez

, assures that the case is "absolutely circumstantial", it is still striking that the group's great bet for 2023 is the adaptation to the current era of Antonio Gala's classic

La Turkish Passion

, whose shooting began last November in Turkey.

"We are at a time when remakes are a trend, and a book as iconic as Gala's seemed like a good opportunity to revisit a story that still lives on in the collective imagination," says Martínez.

"We are talking about a love story that, yes, takes place in Turkey, but it speaks of universal feelings told from the leading gaze of a Spanish character", she emphasizes.

Maggie Civantos


Ilker Kaleli will

lead the cast of the series, which will conclude filming in Madrid.

Turkey and Spain once again join forces despite cultural differences: "In view of the results, we shouldn't be so different in tastes," says Martínez.

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