'2022 Qatar World Cup' national player Kim Jin-soo reveals for the first time his married life with his wife who is 6 years older.

On the night of the 16th, SBS' 'Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 - You Are My Destiny' (hereinafter referred to as 'Same Bed, Different Dreams 2'), the main character of Qatar World Cup Lecture 16, Kim Jin-su, and his wife, Kim Jung-ah, will be revealed for the first time on the air.

In the previous recording, Kim Jin-soo drew attention from the studio MCs by revealing the love story of a 'younger man with ambition' who suddenly decided to get married after being between a 'knowing sister-sister' with his wife 6 years older.

However, her wife, Kim Jung-ah, surprised everyone by revealing the awkward relationship between her and her husband, saying, "I have been married for 7 years, but I don't feel like my husband."

After failing to participate in the World Cup twice in a row in 2014 and 2018 due to injury, Kim Jin-soo, who suffered a fatal Achilles tendon rupture for a soccer player, also vividly revealed the story of his injury and rehabilitation.

Kim Jin-soo said, “I heard the sound of a bomb exploding when I injured my Achilles tendon,” and recalled the past, when a soccer player’s life was on the verge of ending.

His wife, Kim Jeong-ah, said that she cried in a storm after seeing Kim Jin-soo's painful training, who is constantly working on rehabilitation after a major injury, raising questions about her couple's story.

On the other hand, Kim Jin-soo, who helped Cho Kyu-seong advance to the round of 16 with a golden assist in the Qatar World Cup match against Ghana, surprised the studio by saying, "Cho Kyu-seong doesn't get in touch after the World Cup."

In addition to this, on this day's broadcast, 'K League Salary King' Kim Jin-soo's luxury house with a luxurious massage room, as well as his wife Kim Jeong-ah's 14-house table called 'Jeonju Dae Jang-geum' are scheduled to be unveiled, drawing attention.

The love story of Kim Jin-soo, the 'hot star of the Qatar World Cup', will be revealed in 'Same Bed, Different Dreams 2', which will be broadcast at 11:10 pm on the 16th.

(Reporter Kang Seon-ae of SBS Entertainment News)