China News Service, Beijing, January 15th (Xu Jing) January 14th is a small year in the north.

On the same day, Beijing Cultural Volunteers' "Send Blessings to Home" and "I'll Write My Spring Festival Couplets" activities entered Beijing Railway Station to carry out the theme activity of "Send Wanfu to Ten Thousand Families".

  The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Cultural Center that the purpose of holding this event is to encourage the public to write and paste Spring Festival couplets, promote the inheritance and development of excellent traditional Chinese culture, enrich the cultural life of citizens during traditional festivals, and create a joyous, festive, civilized and peaceful place during the Spring Festival. , a warm and harmonious festive atmosphere, and send New Year blessings to passengers from all over the country.

  At the event site, eight calligraphers from the Beijing Calligraphers Association, led by Guo Mengxiang, the resident vice president of the Beijing Calligraphers Association, wrote Spring Festival couplets with Chinese characters on the spot, from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Beijing Cultural Center and other units The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Railway Station, together with the staff of the Beijing Railway Station, the police of the Beijing Railway Station Police Station, the Beijing Cultural Volunteers, and the Railway Spring Festival Transport Volunteers, sent the written Spring Festival couplets to passengers from all over the country, with a festive atmosphere and a strong New Year flavor Accompanied by the fiery red Spring Festival couplets with blessing characters, the return train drove to the north and south of the motherland.

The picture shows the scene of the activity of "Sending Blessings to Home" and "I will write Spring Festival couplets for my family" by Beijing cultural volunteers.

Photo courtesy of Beijing Cultural Center

  According to reports, the Beijing Cultural Volunteer Brand Activity "Send Blessings Home" started in 2008 and has been successfully held for 14 sessions.

This year's "Blessings to Home" series of activities will be organized by the Beijing Municipal Cultural Center (Beijing Cultural Tourism Volunteer Service Center) in conjunction with the cultural centers of all districts in the city and the city's cultural volunteer service sub-centers to collect excellent Spring Festival couplets, present Spring Festival couplets and New Year pictures with blessing characters, and jointly carry out in various districts The series of "Blessings" activities are aimed at the city's public civilized guides, medical workers in the capital, employees in the express delivery industry, troops stationed in Beijing, police officers, village residents, community residents in the "Huitian area", teachers, high-tech talents, and nursing homes and other ten key groups to carry out activities.

  On the 14th, in addition to the on-site activities at Beijing Railway Station, 16 urban cultural centers, 20 cultural volunteer service sub-centers, and 21 cultural volunteer service teams in the city carried out a series of activities in various forms, covering more than 100,000 people in the city. people.

A total of nearly 20,000 Spring Festival couplets and blessing characters will be given out in this Beijing Station "Send Blessing Home" activity, and the city's overall activities are expected to give away 200,000 Spring Festival couplets and blessing characters.

The online blessing activity of the Beijing Digital Culture Museum was launched simultaneously on the 14th Xiaonian day.

  This event is guided by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, hosted by the Beijing Municipal Cultural Center (Beijing Cultural and Art Activity Center, Beijing Cultural Tourism Volunteer Service Center), China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Calligraphers Association, and China Railway Beijing Bureau The Beijing Railway Station of the Group Co., Ltd. and the Beijing Railway Station Police Station of the Beijing Railway Public Security Department undertake.