The number of people infected with the new coronavirus and died has surged in the eighth wave of the spread of infection, exceeding 12,000 nationwide in about a month and a half since last month.

Three years ago, when the spread of infection began in Japan, since January 2020, 62,264 people have died due to the new corona until the 14th, and about one in five of the cumulative deaths. He died within a month and a half.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of people who were announced to have died after being infected with the new coronavirus was 1,864 nationwide in October last year. As of the 14th, there were already 4,998 people, a much higher pace than last month, and 12,620 people in about a month and a half from last month.

In addition, among the 6,505 people who died in about a month from the 14th of last month to the 10th of this month, the age and gender of the 6,505 people are clear, and the elderly are overwhelmingly the majority.

▽ 4 people under the age of 10 accounted for 0.06%

▽ 2 people in their teens, 0.03%

▽ 8 people in their 20s, 0.12%

▽ 17 people in their 30s, 0.26%

▽ 41 people in their 40s, 0.63

▽ 106 people in their 50s, 1.63%

306 people in their 60s, 4.70%

▽ 1122 people in their 70s, 17.25%

▽ 2638 people in their 80s, 40.55%

▽ 2261 people in their 90s and over, 34.76

% has accounted for 95.38% in total so far, but has increased to 97.26% in the past month.

The average age of the dead is even older than those with severe disease

When the National Institute of Infectious Diseases analyzed about 4,000 cases of severe cases and deaths reported by the 1st of last month, the average age of those who became severe was 68.0 years old, and half of them were 73 years old or older. The average age of the deceased was 83.1 years old, half of them were 86 years old or older, and the deceased were older than those who became seriously ill.

In addition, of the 1,168 people whose cause of death has been reported, 696, or about 60%, died from the new corona, but 34 had heart failure, 31 had cancer, 29 had pneumonia, and senility. 29 had aspiration pneumonia, 20 had renal failure, and so on.

At an expert meeting of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, concerns have been pointed out that the number of elderly people who die from the new coronavirus will continue to increase as the infection spreads in facilities for the elderly.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's summary, the number of clusters etc. confirmed nationwide in the nine days until the 3rd of this month was 1256, of which 861 were clusters at welfare facilities for the elderly, accounting for 69% of the total. is the most common in