With the shortage of childcare workers becoming an issue, Shinanomachi in Nagano Prefecture is unable to secure enough childcare workers, and it is difficult to continue operating four municipal nursery schools. I'm here.

Shinanomachi operates four nursery schools, but it is expected that there will be a shortage of two nursery teachers next year.

With the shortage of human resources at childcare sites becoming an issue, it is difficult to secure childcare workers, so it is considering a policy of closing Nojiri Nursery School, which is relatively small among the four.

It means that while listening to the wishes of the families who were using it, they will make adjustments so that they can use other kindergartens that still have room to accept their children.

A parent who leaves a child at Nojiri Nursery School said, "Some people find it inconvenient because it takes more than 30 minutes to pick up and drop off their child when they change schools."

According to Nagano Prefecture, there have been no cases of nursery schools closing due to a lack of nursery teachers in the prefecture for at least the past few years, and they would like to confirm the situation.

Naoto Sato, superintendent of the Shinanomachi Board of Education, who is in charge of the nursery school, said, "It's very unfortunate that we can't find nursery teachers who work full-time in rural areas, and it's a difficult situation."